I’m a Dice Goblin!

I never thought I would be so into dice when first starting out. Turns out I am obsessed! Only a few weeks in and I was already amassing a hoard. It started off with the innocent purchasing of a multi-pack of dice sets. It was for the very beginning and we needed dice in case anyone needed some or forgot theirs. Then it became a necessity to my very existence. My favorite color is purple and my dice reflect this. I love cool colors over warm so anything with purple, blue, or green was my jam. As we kept playing I kept getting more and more dice. With the first set of purchasing I was left with 2 dice sets one more purple and the other more blue. 

Then, when Mulan the Fighter left the table, I got to keep his shadow infused dice. I still use them and think about him every time. I use them for stealth rolls and if I ever become a rogue those will be my main dice. 

Then we bought more dice as our table changed and grew. I got a grey foggy dice set and a blue set during this time. At this point I had to upgrade my dice bag as it started off as a small drawstring bag and no longer had enough space. It was literally bursting at the seams. I ended up crocheting a bigger bag in, you guessed it, purple. It holds all my dice now!

I also bought the Critical Role Dice set on https://shop.critrole.com/. It is a gorgeous mix of dice that match their characters perfectly. I keep them in their special Vox Machina bag which coincidentally is purple!

The center dice is for Scanlan, then from the top in a clockwise direction: Percy (Pink), Pike (White), Vax (Grey), Keylith (Foggy), Matt (Dark Blue), Grog (Black/Red), Vex (White/Green).

I recently joined the subscription service, Critical Dice https://thecriticaldice.com/, I got in just in time to get their gorgeous Nyx Dice for the month of July. I signed up for the XL bag and it comes with all sorts of other goodies. The first time we got a Dungeon Master pin and some condition rings. This last time we got 2 dice sets and a roll of Dungeon Tape. It comes in super handy when trying to make maps quickly. Critical Dice has not paid me or sponsored this post/Blog. I bought the dice and am just sharing my impressions of the product. I believe the best way to uphold these businesses is to purchase and give an honest opinion. 

The Nyx Dice Set. It’s a Dark Purple Glitter color with gold numbering.

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My husband and I run a dungeons and dragons table together and I write about our crazy adventures both in and out of the story. My husband DM's and I am the table artist. I paint minis for everyone at the table and provide crafted gifts like dice boxes, bags, and artwork.

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