Legacy of the Dragon Guardian

Disclaimer: This includes spoilers for Curse of Strahd so don’t read if you don’t want to know.

Along our travels we came across some ruins. They were the remains of a large castle. For some backstory first. The Red Dragonborn Sorcerer had been receiving clues and information about a dragon that needed his help. He hadn’t told the party about any of this. There was also a time when the player couldn’t make it and my husband explained it by saying that he had left our camp in a trance and disappeared into the night. During this missing time, the party was heading to Valaki and doing other things. 

During the trance, the Sorcerer Mithra, came across a skull at the bottom of a ravine. It glowed with a silver light as the spirit recognized his draconic nature. The spirit of the dragon asked for his help in returning his skull to the rest of his remains. This would enable the spirit to be whole and have power again. Mithra agreed, but upon meeting up with the party right outside Valaki he still said nothing. The skull had shrunk to pocket size so Mithra could carry it where it needed to go, so none of us saw it or even knew of it for a while. 

A dice box I made for our Sorcerer.

Mithra realized that this was the resting place of the dragon when the smaller skull started to light up with a silver hue. There were revenants present inside the ruins that used to be followers of the Dragon Argynvostholt. Their spirits had gone insane from all the long years of roaming Barovia. They could never die because they couldn’t move on without fulfilling their vow to follow the Dragon into death for their cause. They began to fight us in rage, not caring who we were. Our Paladin, Wick, managed to speak to Sir Godfrey. He was the foremost follower of Argynvostholt in Barovia and the most sane at this point. He told Wick that we needed to return the skull of his master to the rest of it’s remains in order to free his men from their eternal wandering. We agreed but we were warned that the revenants would keep fighting us along the way as they were too far gone. The only way to free them was to complete this task. 

I lined it with felt and included some padding for minis or other storage needs. I really enjoy crafts and making these dice boxes for our table was the first step towards becoming the table artist.

We fought our way through towards the back of the castle which housed a chapel. Inside was a carved stone altar with the rising sun etched into it. There were three huge revenant guards inside and we had a pretty crazy fight. We found nothing so we decided to check the outside of the grounds. We made our way outside and saw a tower off to the side. We climbed the stairs trying to avoid revenants wandering the grounds outside. At the top of the tower was a giant room with the huge dragon skeleton. There was a plaque that read, “Here lie the bones and treasure of Argynvostholt and followers of the silver dragon.” We let Mithra replace the skull and it grew back up to size as it joined its body. A silvery mist rose up out of the bones and rose up into the sky. We looked out through the crenelations in the tower and saw all the revenants glowing and their spirits rising into the sky with the dragon. It was so beautiful to watch all those people get some peace. 

We went back down into the throne room where Sir Godfrey was and found a gaunt armored figure. The spectre handed a sword with a white crystal in the pommel to Mithra. We found out that it was the Sun Sword. The Sun Sword had a broken blade and the pommel was the only part that was intact. We also learned that it was driven to kill Strahd at all costs. We gave the sword to our Barbarian, Malachi. With the spirit of Sergei in him, he was the only one who could wield the sword against Strahd. Since the blade was broken you would think it would be a useless weapon but because it is the Sun Sword it could use sun as the energy to recreate the blade. It would definitely come in handy against a master vampire. 

These were the dice boxes I made for Malachi. I etched a wolf into the side to give a nod to Sergei and that connection. The larger box has the eye of his Warlock patron on it.

During this time is when the issues at our table began with Wick and Mithra but that will be its own post. Upon completing this great feat we received a blessing from the spirit of the silver dragon. We got a +2 to AC against Strahd and his followers and advantage against charm from him. Overall it was an exciting and riveting session. I’m pretty sure I cried. We camped out that night in our closed caravan wagon, avoiding the creeping fog, and feeling accomplished.

These are the insides of the boxes above. At this time I started getting better at including space for minis as we were starting to get our own.

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My husband and I run a dungeons and dragons table together and I write about our crazy adventures both in and out of the story. My husband DM's and I am the table artist. I paint minis for everyone at the table and provide crafted gifts like dice boxes, bags, and artwork.

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