The Mad Druid in his Tower

Bodies were littered along the path towards the lighthouse. The party checked them for anything useful but only found worn clothing and items of no value. Kaladrax went to the two bodies of eel folk and cut into them to remove a gland. He explained that the gland was the main ingredient for the potion of water breathing that was made on the island. Aleera took one of their fearsome looking tridents. After everything was said and done Kariss had the group help in giving the bodies a proper burial. Milo was nowhere to be seen and the party realized that he had not been seen since they had boarded the ship. They thought he might not have boarded with them. 

Kaladrax and Aleera paired off and headed towards the front entrance of the lighthouse. The doors were blown outward so it was easy to enter. They followed the stairs up into the darkness. The next floors were just as ransacked as the lobby. There were various living quarters and weapons racks. Close to the top there was another smaller set of stairs. As Aleera went up she could smell the sickly sweet odor of rotting fruit. The next room was full of rotting fruit, vegetables and other foodstuffs. Further up the stairs was a small open area with a giant iron door. 

They tested the door but found it locked and impenetrable. Without any ability to open the door, Aleera could only think to knock. Someone or something knocked back. She uttered a meek hello and was answered back with a bellowing greeting. They were introduced to Lucien Skyhorn, Druid keeper of the lighthouse. He told them that his family had resided on the island for generations, kept it safe and in working order to protect incoming ships. He also informed them that he was not coming out and they were not coming in. They told him that they were here to help but he wouldn’t budge. They asked if he needed anything but being a druid, he could make anything he could need to survive. He did, however, slide a map out to them from under the door. It showed a path that would lead them to the hidden caverns on the other side of the island where the eel folk were purported to live. He wished them well and dismissed them to their quest. 

With nothing left to do but leave, they did so. Upon exiting the lighthouse, they explained everything they had seen and heard in there to the party. Without wasting any more time, they headed towards the hidden caverns. Everyone slowed down as they came up on a giant chasm in the cliff face. The humongous cavern was open to the sea and the tide was low. The party made their way into the great unknown darkness. Aleera and Kariss flew in on their brooms while Malachi and Kaladrax came in on the Annabelle Lee. They came across a derelict ship. The words “The Jade Lion” were emblazoned on the side. They had found their quarry. Aleera and Karris flew aboard the plane while Kaladrax and Malachi climbed up the ship via a rope that was thrown by the ladies.

They made their way with a great deal of care. After looking through the living quarters and the other parts of the ship they found no one. The only room left to search was the captain’s quarters. They made their way there, hoping to find anything that might give them a clue as to where the crew was and specifically where Raf and the cargo were. The party entered the captain’s quarters and started rifling through the chests and drawers scattered everywhere. They were about to give up when a small cough coming from under the desk surprising them. Malachi looked under it and found Raf cowering in the recess. He was near to dead from fright and the party took the time to comfort and clean him up a bit before questioning him. He told them that the ship had been attacked by water elementals and then overtaken by the eel folk. The whole crew had been escorted off the ship.  He had been told to hide.

Raf didn’t know where they had been taken or what had happened to the crew. The group was back at square one. They resolved to go deeper into the cavern. First the party made sure that Raf and the few chests of cargo were stowed safely aboard the Annabelle Lee. They instructed Coppertree to wait for them and be ready to pick up a bunch of stranded sailors. Then they turned towards the uncertain darkness that awaited them.


Published by dndwife

My husband and I run a dungeons and dragons table together and I write about our crazy adventures both in and out of the story. My husband DM's and I am the table artist. I paint minis for everyone at the table and provide crafted gifts like dice boxes, bags, and artwork.

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