A Tricky Encounter

The party made their way back to the Haven’s Cross Guild Hall, On the way there Aleera took a detour to Deep Harbor to acquire the seal of completion for the quest at the Gunduk Brewery. She joined the party a few miles outside of Haven’s Cross and they entered together. 

Upon arrival they immediately went to turn in the quest for a good chunk of gold. After turning in their quest they heard a commotion and noticed a handsome young man seated in the back, surrounded by a gaggle of giggling ladies. They were all listening to him recount an adventure in rapt attention. The group asked the quest clerk at the desk who that person was surrounded by so many. The clerk let them know that it was the Lord Haven. He was the great benefactor that had established the guild hall. It was under the protection of his wealthy family. He was well known for his feats of courage in the area and for providing different career choices for the surrounding farm families. 

The party walked up on the seated group and introduced themselves to the Lord. He grinned at them. They noticed he had a jug of wine in his hand and there was a red stain around his mouth. He was clearly drunk and his boasting was not as clever as they had heard. They had all done amazing things in Barovia. Their characters had been forged in the fires of darkness. They heard one of the stories and were curious as to how certain things had been done. They realized that the stories were more embellishment than truth. They couldn’t deny, though, that Haven’s Cross provided a lot for the folk in the region. 

Tired of watching the spectacle the lord was making of himself they left the grounds and made their way on foot towards Deep Harbor again. They had a good amount of gold between them now and wanted to have some fun. As they travelled, they came across a lavish ornate building. It was made of white marble with tiny veins of silver running through. The sign was a riot of color. It said The Temple of the Watcher in gorgeous purple lettering. Aleera went inside with a sense of nervous anticipation. She knew she needed to go inside, He wanted her to. The interior of the temple, which was more of a shop really, was jam packed with stuff. There was a plethora of masks, colorful clothing and garish costume jewelry. They covered most of the building surfaces. The rest was decorated in swaths of multicolored silks arced throughout the inside and the ends falling delicately down. 

From the back emerged a blue skinned tiefling with flaming red hair. The contrast was astounding. He was dressed in flowing robes with colorful koi swimming through the folds. The warm colors complimented his hair. He introduced himself as Richard “Dick” Budd with a grand, deep bow. He plucked Aleera’s hand up in his and told her of two bardic instruments available on the island to increase her power. He also alerted her to the existence of the King’s Crest School of Lore, a bard school located in the home city of Kaladrax. 

After some quick banter back and forth he produced a letter from deep in the folds of his robes. It was a deep indigo envelope with shots of white all throughout. It looked like the night sky. Aleera opened it and inside was a letter from Him. The Traveler, her deity. This was the first tangible evidence that it wasn’t all in her head. Previous communications had always been in signs. A fogged mirror with a smiling face in it. A small object lost then found again in another place. Always small things, never such communication. The letter explained her purpose. Six other warlocks were coming for her. They each had a fragment of power that He needed to bring together. She was the only one who could get them. They didn’t have to die, only the power had to be stolen back. 

Photo by Alex Andrews on Pexels.com

She tucked the letter away, deep in her pack, where her most precious things were. She smiled at Dick and asked if he had any way of enchanting something that allowed her to change clothes with a simple command or gesture. He answered that it was an enchantment that only one person on Novos was known for. He told her to visit Asterisk’s shop on King’s Crest to find out more about her enchantment necessities. She thanked him and her, along with the rest of the party, left the lavish temple. They reached Deep Harbor in a few more hours of travel and set sail for Vendleheim. They had heard that the town was a great place for a good time and they were ready to let loose. Malachi wanted to fight in the famous arena, and the rest of the group was ready to party and bet on Malachi’s victories.


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My husband and I run a dungeons and dragons table together and I write about our crazy adventures both in and out of the story. My husband DM's and I am the table artist. I paint minis for everyone at the table and provide crafted gifts like dice boxes, bags, and artwork.

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