Family Reunions

The white dragonborn lady was Kaladrax’s mother. She awaited him with wide open arms and a beaming smile on her face. The party was introduced to Glaurunda after they had finished hugging. She was regal but had a gentle way about her. She spoke to the servants with respect and they noticed as they walked into the dining hall that many were seated at the long, sturdy table in the center. She led them over and asked if they had had breakfast yet. Having come here first thing that morning, they had not. She left them to have their meal and asked Kaladrax to come see her once they were done. 

After breakfast, Kaladrax spent some time with his mother. During that time the party hung around the grand mansion and also made sure the servants were being treated fairly. They all had wonderful things to say. They thought Kaladrax’s father was strict but fair and although he wasn’t very expressive, he always made sure the staff was taken care of. The family would help with illness or troubles if they could without adding to the existing debt. Glaurunda was spoken of fondly. She was kind and visited their quarters often to make sure they were living well and eating enough. She would also instruct the children if they wished to learn. 

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Overall it seemed this was the nicest of the families in the Royal District. Kaladrax’s father, Fafnir, was out in town on business and would not be back until the following morning. So the group prepared for bed. They had been assigned their own rooms for the night and Kaladrax retired to this tower top room. They slept well that night, on mattresses of the softest down and blankets of the finest linens. 

In the morning they got up and as Aleera made her way out into the hallway, she noticed a blue flower had been left on her door. It was a gorgeous deep blue in the center and as the color went up towards the petals it lightened. It looked like the night sky disappearing to the dawn. It smelled like heaven. She tucked it into her hair and made her way down to the dining hall to meet the others. They met Fafnir as he was having breakfast with the staff. He was brisk to say the least. His comments were rude towards Kaladrax and the group. He said Kaladrax would not get stronger if he relied on others to guard his back. He would have preferred that Kaladrax grow on his own. 

It almost came to blows as Aleera tried to prove that they were competent enough to help and that they were also glad to have Kaladrax as their new member. She cracked her whip close to his ear and was rewarded with a pointed sword at her chin. Glaurunda defused the situation and managed to calm his father down as they stared daggers at each other. After the awkward reunion between father and son, the party headed out into the city. 

They left the Royal District and went into the merchant district to see what was available to purchase. They also asked about the inns in the city and what Kaladrax would recommend. He named two that would be acceptable. There was The Chaotic Centaur, a middle class inn located in the Upper district and the Wandering Spirit, a lower class inn located in the Lower District. Since not everyone had access to the Upper District, the party decided to set themselves up at the Wandering Spirit. 

They also asked about creating their own guild. Havens Cross had left a lot to be desired in terms of challenge and they wanted to be able to have more control over their quest selection. Kaladrax directed them to the Government District where they went to the Guild Registry Office and created the Hand of Destiny. Everyone became a member except Milo. Milo wanted nothing to do with the new guild and decided to work on his own. With everything set up they headed off back into the Merchant District for some fun. 

As they walked Kaladrax explained the recent history of the city. He told them of the current ruler, the Regent Phillip. He was regent in the name of the King of Neverwinter on the mainland. His charge was to protect the far off settlement and make it profitable for the crown. They continued this way for the rest of the day, making little purchases here and there and having them sent to their rooms at the Wandering Spirit. The sun set on a content group of friends both new and old.


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