Shopping Adventures with Gigi

While in the Merchant District the group found the offices of Clayville Shipping. This was the company that they needed to speak to to broker an initial peace deal with the eel folk. They entered to find a bustling operation. People were moving everywhere. Some were hauling goods while others tended to paperwork and clients. They moved through the crowded workplace inquiring about Feng Clayville. Finally, one of the employees directed them to an office overlooking the work space. The party moved up the wooden stairs on the left side of the building and entered the open office. 

Inside was an old human male with wispy white hair on his head and a similar beard to match. His eyes were kind and warm, inviting them in with a look. The party stated that they would like to broker a deal between the company and the eel folk. Feng was very nice when he let them know that he had no time to see them today but he had an open spot tomorrow at nine in the morning. They would be able to state their case then. With the time agreed upon by the group, they left in good spirits for some shopping. 

They were munching on some street food they had purchased when they came across a store called The Deva’s Jewel. They went inside after finishing their meals and were greeted by the owner, Anastasia. She was a tall, willowy half-elf standing behind a large brass counter in the well lit single story shop. The countertop showcased many gems hanging from strings to catch the light as they swayed. She greeted the party and asked if there was something specific she could help with. Kaladrax inquired about some gems he needed for enchantments and she showed him her inventory. She apologized for not having more variety and let them know that she had been running low on stock because there had been many attacks from earth elementals on the shipments that came from the dwarven land of Drakenforge. 

The party, having just established their own guild “The Hand of Destiny”, asked if she wanted to hire them to investigate the attacks and protect her next shipment. She agreed and offered them a bounty of 500 gold pieces to ensure the safe arrival of the gems. They agreed and left the establishment giddy with excitement at their first quest as an official guild. The party wandered some more and Kaladrax began pointing out the more known establishments. There was the blacksmith at the Molten Head, the best one in the city. There were many fancy shops around. 

The Survivor’s Emporium was a one stop shop for all adventurer’s and had the best prices in town. Their shop was humongous, with large brass braziers hanging with blazing flames on every wall and stockpiled from floor to ceiling. The West Embassy Coffer’s was a much more exclusive shop. It was decorated in gold, covering almost every surface. The prices were the highest in the city and they only carried the highest quality goods.

There was The Deva’s Jewel of course. The World’s Sanctuary was a shop that carried many spell components. They usually had everything, even some of the more rare plants or objects that are called for. Then there was the shop they had been missing for some time, Asterisk’s Emporium was located in the city. This was the only physical location they had and it was much bigger than the space they were used to seeing. 

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They were getting ready to leave the District for the day after exiting the emporium when a bright flash of color caught. There, across the wide street, was a tent so pink it hurt to look at. When Aleera asked Kaladrax about that shop, he blushed a light grey on his black scales and muttered a quick response. It was The Glorious Gentleman, run by Gloria. Men didn’t like going in there, it was too pink. The ladies immediately made their way there with a confused Malachi and a dejected Kaladrax in tow. When they came to the doors they saw more detail. The place wasn’t just pink, it sparkled with rhinestones and different types of pink fabric from matte to shiny. The front was a row of mannequins dressed to the nines in all pink. The party made their way inside with Kaladrax refusing to enter. He stayed outside with a mortified look on his face. 

The inside was just as pink, with clothing of all shades and fabrics lining the walls and hanging in clusters throughout the shop. In the center of it all was a giant goliath dressed in a pink tutu. She called herself Gloria the Goliath. It wasn’t until a patron at the back messed with a display and she yelled in a loud male voice, “HEY, KNOCK THAT OFF OR I’LL KNOCK YOU OUT!”, that the party realized she was a male goliath in drag.

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They had brought Ara with them, now free of the nasty metal slave collar. Gloria took one look at the bird girl and squealed with delight. Kariss let her know they wanted a couple of dresses for now so she didn’t have to wear rags and she immediately began picking out various outfits. It left Ara, as we had named her, in a fit of quiet, shy giggles as she tried on endless outfits. 

By the time they had purchased the two outfits for the girl, she was grinning from ear to ear. They thanked Gigi, as she preferred to be called, and made their way out. They walked towards their rooms at the Wandering Spirit with a tuckered out Ara being carried by Kariss. The joy they had seen in the eyes of the little girl had warmed all their hearts and they went to bed that night full of joy and love for their new friend and sort of daughter.

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