The Blessing of Aqua

The Hand of Destiny headed out after that unfortunate meeting with Percival Tindoll over the exclusive use of their ale over that of Kaladrax’s family. Their departure was not a happy one but once the group was in the air, in the form of vapors, all such earthly thoughts disappeared. The flight was like no other. They had to focus on keeping themselves together and fight against the air currents that might break them apart. They reached Deep Harbor and headed towards the lighthouse island off the coast. The party landed inside the enormous cave on the floating rafts and focused on turning back into their corporeal forms. 

Once whole again, Aleera used her Alter Self ability and changed into an eel person. They made their way into the village proper and were surprised with the progress. There were guards posted and many market stalls present. The eel folk wore beautiful garments that they also sold and their splendor spoke to the new found success of the peace treaty. They spoke to one of the people and asked to see the leeder Steelscale. She motioned for a guard and he led them over to a humble but cheerfully decorated hut where Steelscale lay. His son was present inside the room and there was a sorrowful look on his face. Steelscale was dying. It was his final hour and then his son, Iron Spear, would be the new leader of the eel folk. 

Aleera came forward in her disguise and spoke to them using the Tongues spell. She told them of their research about the blessings and their knowledge that Aqua’s temple, farther back into the cave, held the answers to unlocking her blessing. Steelscale assured them that all that could be done would be done to allow their saviours and friends to have the blessing if Aqua would allow it. They thanked him and Kaladrax pulled out the primordial book, as they had taken to calling it, to check the requirements for unlocking the water blessing. It only said that something important to the summoner had to be sacrificed to call Aqua. 

Steelscale insisted on being the one to sacrifice and had some of his guards carry him over to the temple and the revered bowl of Aqua. He tucked his shaking hand into his robes and pulled out a shining red coral dagger, his ceremonial dagger, and placed it in the bowl. He called to Aqua in a tremulous voice. He asked her to show herself and told her how he and his people had heard her voice but could never see her. He spoke of how this would be the ultimate confirmation of their faith. He had always dreamed he would see her before he died but he understood if she chose not to show herself, if his dagger was not enough. 

The group waited inside the empty temple in silence. There was a moment when they thought nothing would happen. Then the bowl began to fill with water. It overflowed the sides and began flowing through the temple it filled to waist height and for a moment the party thought they would drown in this closed cavern temple. The water began to undulate around them and from their depths sprung a gorgeous female form. It was Aqua. 

She saw Steelscale dying and took him in her hand, which was larger than any of them. She thanked him for his faith and told him she was proud of his work to build up the eel folk. In return for such devotion she offered to take him with her into her water domain where he could swim with her forever. His eyes shone with tears and he accepted with awe in his voice. He looked down one last time at his son and declared him the ruler of the eel folk now. Once he did that, Aqua placed him at her side on his own flowing platform. His vigor seemed renewed and he looked lively again. 

Aqua turned to the Hand of Destiny and said she knew they were here for the blessing. She asked which one would be the one to take her blessing of water and the party agreed that it should be Kariss. She was the healer of the party and it made sense that the water, which had healing properties, would be wielded by her. She stepped forward at the urging of the other members and said she would accept the blessing. Aqua touched her with a giant water finger and a blue light shone out of Kariss for a moment before fading away. 

With her blessing given and Steelscale gone from the mortal coil of the prime material plane, Aqua said goodbye and flowed back into her bowl taking Steelscale and all the water away with her. Their last view of the former chief was of his waving happily from within the flowing waters. Once they were gone, Iron Spear turned to them and thanked them for coming here and allowing them to see their deity for the first time. They would not forget this kindness. Aleera thanked them for their hospitality and, after making sure they were holding up under the treaty, they planned what their next move would be. 

Kariss now had the Blessing of Water and with it came a few abilities. Not only was her healing enhanced but she could also breathe and travel underwater now. Being able to travel quickly underwater she used her blessing to transport them underwater to the area closest to the Oasis. With the help of Aqua they flowed on the currents, their breath protected by bubbles of air around their heads. Milo was not having the best time, hating the water and not being able to hide in the shadows. The party emerged from the sea on the coast in front of the town of Lumishire as the sun began to set on the island.


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My husband and I run a dungeons and dragons table together and I write about our crazy adventures both in and out of the story. My husband DM's and I am the table artist. I paint minis for everyone at the table and provide crafted gifts like dice boxes, bags, and artwork.

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