The Festival of Rebirth

The two week separation of the party had come to a close. Aleera, Kaladrax, and Milo were all at the guild hall. The adjoining tavern had become a hub of entertainment in the city after all the improvements and repairs. The tavern was now the exclusive vendor for the Kaladrax family wine, the proceeds of which would go to the workers that toiled on the Kaladrax family lands. 

Meanwhile, Hepolita and Kariss were arriving to the sight of a city in the midst of renovation and jubilation. As they walked past the Temple of Eversight, the one shop stop for all deity worship in Novos, they saw some welcome changes. It was running again after closing during the Curse of Ash and now there was a giant complementary statue of Bahamut entwined with the prominent Tiamat statue that already existed. 

Although the throngs of people were not as dense as before the Curse, there were more people wandering around than seen in months. The Merchant District was booming. Stalls stood open from wall to wall. Off to the side, in a large bright pink building, stood the brand new Glorious Gentleman Emporium! Gigi had moved up from a tent to a brick and mortar monster that was decked out in the pinkest outfits they could fit. 

Before, there had been a majority of humans in the city of King’s Crest but now there were more of the other races too. Aarakocra flew to and fro selling or buying whatever caught their eyes. Dwarves haggled prices down as much as they could before moving on to their next victim. A few Orcs were seen selling skins or showing their strength and selling their skills. There were also a few Eelfolk selling their wares out of floating stalls along the docks. 

The tattoo artist vendor parted ways with the ladies and met with another traveling merchant, a Vistani by the name of Rafik. The children the party had found during their exploration of the ravaged city were given money by Kaladrax. He also set up a savings account for each child at fifty gold each. The children were running off with their new money as the ladies came walking through the door. 

Kariss was surprised. She said, “There are so many people around and it looks like festivities are in full swing!”

Aleera responded with a light laugh, “The city doors have opened allowing more people to move in to revitalize the city! The people are celebrating the end of the Curse, the rebirth of the city from the ashes.” 

When the party had finished greeting each other, Aleera informed the ladies that the meeting for the Treaty of Novos was scheduled for later that afternoon. It seemed they had arrived in time for a bit of relaxing before the grueling work of politics and compromise began. They ordered some food and drink and retired to their rooms for a bit of quiet. 

At sundown the party made their way to the council chambers in the Government District for the discussion of the treaty. Besides the party, the meeting included: the Representatives of the City State of King’s Crest (Aleera, Urstil, Kaitthel and Kaladrax), Members of the Deepharbor Collective (Uronar, the Sheriff of Deep Harbor and Ironspear, Leader of the Eelfolk), The Followers of the Oasis led by Korr of the Aarakocra and Kitu of the desert nomads, The wood elves led by their Chief (Hulwen), Leaders of Drakenforge (Lord Brom and Gralmore), and the Orc Tribe of the Wolfhammer led by Malachi. 

Once everyone was seated and hands were placed upon the table of truth, the meeting began. All representatives were given a chance to air grievances, ask questions, and provide ideas. The elves began their turn by calling for Karriss’s head. They wanted her to pay for the crimes that had been committed against them by her kind. They demanded to know why they had done nothing despite their pleas for help. So many elves had died defending the woods and the roads. 

The Dwarven representative blamed everything on Styxx/Malthazar. They said that the previous ruler had been under Styxx’s spell and that Gralmore had fixed the issue by landing the killing blow after recruiting the Hand of Destiny for help. They held themselves blameless of the actions of the previous ruler and said that all had returned to normal in Drakenforge. 

Korr spoke, accusing Milo of attempting to kill him during the rebellion when he had been found injured. After bringing his accusation, he interceeded on behalf of Kariss. He argued that she had saved his daughter Ara and had freed his people from the Dwarves and that she was only one person and could only do so much. He begged for their understanding. 

Malachi stepped up on behalf of the Orcs and demanded they be given lands of their own. He argued that they had helped to secure the cure that now helped renew the entire island and were entitled to some recompense. All they wanted was a place to call their own, protected and recognized by the island. Ironspear spoke highly of the party, especially Kariss. He detailed the adventure that had led to the salvation of the Eelfolk and the ties they had forged with the mainland because of this. 

By the time everyone had spoken, it was late into the night. The Council adjourned for the evening to resume again in the morning. The next meeting was scheduled for ten in the morning and with that the group broke and headed to their accommodations. The party headed out into the night, unable to erase the wails for justice from the heartbroken elves.

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My husband and I run a dungeons and dragons table together and I write about our crazy adventures both in and out of the story. My husband DM's and I am the table artist. I paint minis for everyone at the table and provide crafted gifts like dice boxes, bags, and artwork.

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