The Treaty of Novos

The council of Novos met once more for the continued negotiations and talks concerning the treaty. After much debate over some important and some more petty issues the treaty was finally accepted. The leaders of all the represented peoples signed the paperwork and left the council chambers in generally good spirits. 

Urstil held the party back after the meeting was over. They waited until everyone was gone before following Urstil back to her office. When they got there she busied herself with preparing tea for everyone. As she spoke she told them of the council’s worry that the Queen of Ashe would return with much worse to offer. She said only a strong artifact could allow the party to travel to the Feywild where the Queen had gone. 

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This item was the Compass of the Planes. A member of the college, Joldrass, had already gone ahead to try and find the item. He was a professor at the college, much like Kaladrax. In fact, he had been one of his professors while at school. They were old friends and Kaladrax was happy to be able to see an old friend once more. 

The party asked and Urstil confirmed that Regent Phillip had gone after the Queen of Ashe into the Feywild but had not been heard of since. None of the efforts to reach him by magical means had worked. The council was stuck in making decisions until his return. They asked that if the party was able to go into the Feywild that they try and save him. They agreed, of course. 

There wasn’t much left to do in King’s Crest for the party. After the treaty there was much work in maintaining the peace. All parties had to agree to recognize and keep the boundaries of their lands. They were starting to work together in the restoration of the island after the curse. Everything was starting to recover nicely and the forests were getting back to their dense but poisonless expanses. 

The next morning after their talk with Urstil, Kaladrax woke up to a letter from the mainland. It was from Joldrass, telling him that he had found the compass but needed him to come to Waterdeep right away. He was located at the Yawning Portal and was waiting to hear back from Kaladrax. 

When he went down to the Guild Hall, after having breakfast with his mother, he told the group about the letter. They started to make plans to head to Waterdeep. Kariss wanted to use the power of Aqua to reach the city. She was thwarted when the rest of the party explained that only she could breathe underwater and it would take too long to reach the mainland before they drowned. 

In the end they chartered passage on board the Annabelle Lee Mark 2 and began to prepare for the long journey. Kariss visited Ara in her village above the Oasis. They spoke for a long time and Ara made her promise to come back and see her again. She agreed. Hepolita made more trips out to the woods and her special lagoon to commune with Selune if she could. 

Aleera focused on the tavern and made sure the guild hall would be taken care of while they were away. She also made sure to spend as much time as she could with Kaladrax and his mother and they navigated their grief. Kaladrax made sure to prepare his books and possessions, especially his dragonchess set and his cache of wine. His family still had a few hundred stores of wine that were his inheritance. 

Milo just spent time working on the powers he acquired with Terra’s blessing. He was trying to make an animal and eventually succeeded in making a very abstract looking mouse. He also went to the Temple of Eversight daily to try and commune with his god Brandobaris. He was trying to reconnect the ties to his halfling culture that he had lost so long ago when he had been taken captive. 

The party found themselves aboard their chartered vessel within the week and started their journey towards the shining city of Waterdeep. They had heard of a vast city full of small sectors that overshadowed the size of King’s Crest. For Aleera and Milo this was a return to a city full of bittersweet memories. The ship made its way towards the horizon and towards a whole new adventure for The Hand of Destiny.


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