The Spectre’s Respite

It took a fortune to restore the bar to a respectable place of business. Aleera had to go down to the permits office to gather the necessary ones for rebuilding, remodeling, painting, furnishing and staffing the locale. Since the poltergeist was not alive, they were not breaking any rules of employment and having him as head bartender. Not only did Aleera have to pay the permit office for their services but she also had to pay for all the construction and staffing as well. 

Contracts were written up and salaries were arranged. After all of that, she still had to pay for the furniture and for it to be delivered and set up. Everything came with an extra percentage for the permit office. If anyone ever wondered why Waterdeep was so wealthy, they would find that it was because they charged prime prices for every service they offered. It was how the city kept everyone safe and organized. 

The party spent a week working with designers, builders and carpenters, ensuring that everything was just right for the opening. They installed a brand new kitchen along with a new bar. The poltergeist, who they later found out was named Leif, was so happy to be going back to what he had always loved to do. The group also spent some time spreading the word about the new business, telling everyone about the ghost that served there. 

For this set piece, we used the exact specifications of the Troll Skull Tavern which is the old name of the dilapidated bar you get when you help Floon.

It was a smash hit! On opening night there was a line out the door. Everyone was both impressed and disbelieving of the ghost. They thought it was a clever use of the Mage Hand spell. Still the bar was an amazing success and with their first night of business they were already starting to pay back the majority of the expenses. It was late into the night when the revelry finally began to die down. 

It was around one in the morning and the only people left in the bar were the hard core drinkers. They would become reliable regulars with time. There were only about three of them. The night was winding down. Leif was wiping down the counter but only the rag was visible as it swished back and forth. It was quiet, crickets chirping in the night, when there was a sudden explosion outside. The windows bowed inwards and blew in with the concussive force. 

Everyone sprang into motion. They made their way outside to find a fading cloud of smoke and a small boy running away with something in his hand. Kariss managed to catch up to him with Hepolita’s help. The boy was indignant at his holding and demanded to know what they wanted. Hepolita intimidated him into giving over what he had and how he got it. He told them that after the explosion he had seen the necklace come falling from the sky and picked it up. It looked like an expensive necklace and he wanted to sell it for food and booze. 

Hepolita felt sorry for this kid so she gave him a small bag of gold and asked him to be her eyes and ears on the street for them. He agreed as long as she paid him and when he got her nod he darted off into the shadowed alley. The group took a moment to disguise themselves and think about how the necklace got to where it landed. They knew it couldn’t have been someone flying above the rooftops because the Griffin riders kept a close eye on the sky both day and night. The only other possible explanation was the rooftops. Anyone looking to escape would see the rooftops as an easy way to disappear, especially at night. 

A quick jump between buildings and Milo reached the roofs. Aleera simply floated up until she reached them too while Hepolita and Kariss used the brooms to fly up. Kaladrax had no recourse but to use magic to pop himself up to where he could help the team. They scoured the rooftops and caught a glimpse of a shadow moving from roof to roof. A pursuit ensued with them jumping to catch up to the shadow. They were unable to in the end. 

The only thing they were able to see was a glimpse of metal covering the body. It was as if the shadow was wearing a full suit of armor. However, if that were the case they would be too heavy to move so swiftly over the delicate rooftops. In the end they lost the trail and had to return to the bar in defeat. When they got there they spent some time looking at the crime scene before the city guard arrived to investigate. They found a dead gnome with a scorch mark at the center of his back. 

That was when the city guard arrived with a nasty investigator in tow. The snotty investigator was a tall elven man with a clear air of self importance. He asked about the business and what they had seen. He also warned them not to leave town as the investigation was still pending. As if they were involved in the incident. They were just leaving the bar when a message came through to Kaladrax. He was the only one who heard it, as it was broadcast to his head. The voice in his head said, 

“I am Vajra Safahr, the Blackstaff. Come to Blackstaff Tower in the Castle Ward at once. Bring your friends.”


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My husband and I run a dungeons and dragons table together and I write about our crazy adventures both in and out of the story. My husband DM's and I am the table artist. I paint minis for everyone at the table and provide crafted gifts like dice boxes, bags, and artwork.

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