Meeting the Blackstaff

The investigation was wrapping up when they got the message about seeing this Vajra Safir at something called the Blackstaff Tower. The main inspector, Bartimus Blastwind, was leaving the area when the party realized they had no clue where this tower was located in the city. They ran to catch up with the departing guard and asked for directions. Bartimus smirked at the very idea that they would be called to the tower and ignored them, but the guard commander with him, took pity on the party and told them where to go. 

They headed through the busy streets of Waterdeep, from the Northward to the Castle Ward. They saw the tower long before they reached the entrance. It was an imposing black wizard’s tower jutting out from the city. Where the buildings around it were opulent and soft, this tower was staunch and stern. High above the city, it was like an all seeing sentinel, nothing escaped its vigilant watch. They reached the gates and were allowed through, as though they were expected. 

They went inside and were greeted by an old, wizened wizard. He directed them to a sparse but elegant waiting room to await the Blackstaff. It was, in contrast to the outer visage, comfortable and inviting. The couches were made of a soft velvet that added to the comfort of the filling and were decorated with cozy pillows. Aleera warned Hepolita not to break anything and Milo not to steal anything. She had just finished when a woman came in. 

She was mocha skinned with soft curly hair poofing out from her head. She was beautiful but her eyes told Aleera that she was also incredibly smart. She looked regal and menacing at the same time with her black and gold outfit. The staff she was holding was an impossible shade of black and radiated power as did she. Walking into the room she stopped at the center and addressed the entire party. 

The lady introduced herself as the Blackstaff and thanked them for answering her summons. She told them that Renard was a friend of hers and that she had been told of his salvation at their hands. She shared that this action had shown her that they were a trustworthy group. Vajra explained that she was having trouble policing the city and asked that they become members of Force Grey. It was the name of the force this tower commanded to help the city guard maintain the peace. 

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They thought it over and had a few questions which were answered swiftly. There was no pay associated with being a member of Force Grey. Every member was here on a voluntary basis. There would be no unnecessary violence, their role was solely investigatorial. Any strange occurrences, missing persons, trouble with organized crime, that is what she wanted help with. Since it was a volunteer position she understood if they were not interested but hoped that they would join anyway. The group thought it over but honestly it didn’t take much to convince them. They were super happy to help bring peace and lessen the strain that crime brought to all sectors of the city.

They agreed and Vajra gave them their first task. They were to check on a dear friend of the city’s. His name was Zeleforn and he was a young bronze dragon that resided in the sea caves just outside of the city. That was why the dragon ward did not affect him. He was usually always seen swimming or eating his share of the fish at the docks. Many of the fishermen made sure that there was plenty of food for him to enjoy as thanks for his protection. In recent days he had been seen less and less. It was now the second day he had not been seen at all. 

With their mission in mind they left the Blackstaff tower wearing the telltale pins of Force Grey after being sworn in. It was getting too late to go down to the Sea Ward and investigate as business was wrapping up for the night but they made plans to check on him in the morning. Having just a few hours until they had to sleep, Hepolita headed to the temple of Selune. She didn’t spend much time there but left an offering to her goddess by leaving her two twin daggers of moonstone and obsidian. 

Kariss went straight to bed, she cast the Dream Spell before falling into slumber so that she could communicate with Zenriel. So far, all methods of communication and scrying had failed to locate their friend. She was hoping to reach Zen in her more weakened unconscious state. She managed to get some quick flashes but they were confusing and disoriented. She did catch the glimpse of something Aleera had pointed out to them when they had arrived in the city. Zenriel was being held by an Open Lord, in the city, in the grips of the Dragon Ward’s sickness. Not only was she being held, she was being tortured. 

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The others ate a late dinner and headed to bed themselves. Aleera stayed awake a little longer though. She brought out her Elior’s Deck and began to shuffle the cards with shaking hands. The deck, seeing the possible futures in store for them, scared Aleera. The visions were visceral and horrifying at times. She worried that she would see something they could not change. Yet, she still shuffled the deck and began to focus on her question. She asked about what was happening in the city and put down her three cards. 

The pictures on them were irrelevant, it was the visions that assaulted Aleera this time. Sometimes there were only the cards and their riddled meanings and other times there were the visions. This time she saw a puppet without strings – a drunkard that had witnessed the attack outside their bar. Then another witness, a woman, saw a man in dark clothing running away but injured in the leg and limping. Then there was a different kind of warning. The voice of her god, The Traveler broke through the magic of the deck and used the visions to speak to her. 

“Two have joined, The Fury and The Devourer are one. The Shadow has found someone else.”


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