First Time Playing Couple

Last weekend, for the first time since we started playing Dungeons and Dragons, my husband and I were able to play as a couple. My husband is a forever DM. He picked up the starter pack and never looked back. Only recently has he had the chance to play in one shots our table has when not all members can show up. Last time, I was the one running the one-shot so I wasn’t able to play with him. That all changed.

One of our fellow table members was running a one-shot featuring a Necromancer BBEG. My husband and I realized we could create a couple and began machinating over what we should be and what our motivations were. It took us about an hour to put everything together. First, we settled on classes. We had a newer player joining us for the one-shot and, after seeing that they were all going fighting or magic classes. We needed to be a tank and a healer which sounded perfect for us.

We chose to be a Kalashtar couple with a daughter who had gone out adventuring, died, and had her soul captured by the nameless necromancer. I was still fully Kalashtar but my husband had died before we could find her and, in an attempt to keep him with me to fulfill our vow to save her, I crafted him a Warforged suit and infused it with his soul to allow him extra time to find our daughter. Once we found her, they would both be at peace. I chose to be a Life Cleric of Malora, which is how I forged an organic suit for him. He chose to be a Wild Magic Barbarian Warforged of Malora to be our meat shield and protect me.

The story began with us gathered at the foot of the path leading to the sinister castle purported to belong to the nameless necromancer. My husband, BaRuhk, and myself, Sukra, had hired or recruited the other members of the hunting party to help us bring down this insult to Malora and all of life. One of our friends was coming later so we started off with a DMPC to fill the temporary gap. There was an Aasimar Arcane Ranger named Ramiel, and a Human Fighter named Brick with a flaming hammer. We forged ahead in search of this necromancer that had ravaged our lives. Brick was searching for his lost company of soldiers out of Neverwinter that had gone missing after being slaughtered. Ramiel was there as religious zealot that cared for nothing but the destruction of abominations like necromancers.

We came across a tree at the base of the incline leading up to the spire. There was a body hanging from the branches. It was held aloft with rope across the torso and arms to hold it there. It was the necromancer’s alarm system. The face smiled and spoke, welcoming us to its home and inviting us to come in. We wanted to burn it but decided to save our skills and supplies for the greater battles. We kept going and had some minor fights with undead wolves and goblins but it seemed more like we were being herded forward towards the spire. Once we made it to the doors of the spire we quickly went inside and barricaded the doors to bar entry from behind us. At one of the junctions Brick was thrown to the base of the mountain along with a zombie troll. To make up our numbers we called in a Tiefling Wild Magic sorcerer named Mislypsis, Missy for short.

We kept going up running into zombies and being pointed towards the top of the spire. We tried killing a few but none of the zombies were truly attacking they were only using their many numbers to absorb out spells and diminish our power. We came up into an open room near the top and encountered a bunch of zombies and one undead facing away from us. We took out some of the closest zombies but more kept coming. BaRuhk made it to the zombie facing away from us only to find that it was our daughter turned undead lieutenant for the nameless necromancer. She turned around and began fighting her own father. Finally, he managed to purify her of the necromancer’s influence and set her remains on fire to prevent her from coming back. Sukra helped the others kill the other zombies as she could not bear to see her husband killing their daughter. After the fight she collected some of the ashes of their daughter to sanctify and lay to rest.

We reached a room near the top where a weak, starving man was close to death. All he could mumble was that it was his fault that “she” was doing this. “She” turned out to be his own daughter, Vestra Loveless. She had been a lower member of a noble family and had no prospects of being the heir. She had burned her house and taken her father hostage to punish him for her lot in life and to make her own undead kingdom. We fought her and her zombified white dragon. She rode it into battle at the top of the spire and it took everything we had to kill it and her. At one point, Sukra dropped and all seemed lost. It was not until BaRuhk sacrificed his life energy for her and died that she was able to come back to finish the fight. She killed the necromancer and set her afire with her husband’s flaming sword.

Playing with my husband was super cool. Since it was the first time, we really wanted to make it memorable. After everything was done we had a great time and managed to free the souls trapped by the power hungry necromancer. As a player with a husband for a DM, my characters sometimes have relationships with other PC’s but I had never been able to do so with my husband. I loved it, it felt like more of a true love story playing with my husband. It probably won’t happen again for some time as we run a regular table but it was super fun.

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My husband and I run a dungeons and dragons table together and I write about our crazy adventures both in and out of the story. My husband DM's and I am the table artist. I paint minis for everyone at the table and provide crafted gifts like dice boxes, bags, and artwork.

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