Crashing the Party

When Aleera made it back to the Spectre’s Respite, their home base, she immediately informed the party of the situation and they headed to the government offices to see what they could do. The Magistrate took a quick look at the papers Aleera had brought with her as proof. They included the flyer for the party and the contract signed in the blood of both heads of the family. After a moment’s study, the Magistrate looked down his glasses at them and asked what they wanted him to do. There was magic in the paper of the contract but that could be anything and magic usually was used to preserve important sheets. 

There was no actual proof of any intention to do real harm to the citizens of Waterdeep and so he could not intervene in or cancel the festivities. The Casalanters had requested permission months ago to throw this party as a way to allow people from all walks of life in Waterdeep to mingle for at least one night. Defeated and receiving no help, the party returned to their tavern and called it a day. They planned to go to the house in question early the next morning and see what they could do to stop the impending massacre. They couldn’t just stand by and watch as 100 or more people were slaughtered for the pleasure of a demon, even the King of Hell. Especially the Kind of Hell. That many souls could feed more dreadful possibilities of more bloodshed. 

The next morning dawned and the party rushed to reach the Casalanter family home before the party started. They rounded the final corner only to find the party already in full swing. Aleera’s visit the previous evening had not gone unnoticed and now they saw the fruits of that intrusion. Not only was the revelry begun, but everyone was dressed in the costume of demons or devils of various kinds. This would make it nearly impossible to discern who the real demons or devils were before it was too late. Hepolita was the first to think of a plan and walked a few blocks down to the Sea Ward to buy a cart of old fish. That was sure to put a hamper on the festivities.

While they waited for Hepolita to enact her plan, the rest of them observed the party for a moment. Newcomers were still arriving and each was being handed a glass of drink and offered foodstuffs. The interesting bit was that every person who took even the slightest sip from one of those glasses was immediately, visibly, intoxicated. From one to two the change was that fast. Every person arriving was almost immediately falling drunk and adding to the mounting shenanigans. The Casalanters were obviously trying to create as much chaos as possible so the deaths could be hidden or explained away. The party also noticed that there were way more people here than one hundred. If there was a death spell surrounding the home’s grounds, then all within the perimeter would be culled by it. Everyone here would die.

Kaladrax took his own initiative and, after consulting with Aleera and sending a warning Sending spell to the tavern, offered free booze from the Spectre’s Respite. They went around telling folks that the party was over as the food had run out but that the after party was moving to the tavern. Being so inebriated, those who heard them turned and began forming a large winding snake line and dancing towards the North Ward, far from the Casalanter home. They told as many as they could before Hepolita came back and enacted her plan. 

Hepolita came back up the road, pulling her cart of smelly fish behind her. With everyone being so drunk it also made it easy for the party to pull off their own shenanigans. They set up the cart where it wouldn’t hurt any of the partygoers but still create a distraction. She attached a special device set to detonate when specified by the owner and backed away to rejoin the group. They waited with baited breath until the fish cart exploded in a cascade of raw, stinking fish. Several partygoers were caught in the bloody rain that came down on them and left to wash themselves off somewhere else. At this point the party rushed towards the open side doors leading into the mansion and made their way to a bathroom which they closed off and used as a starting point. 

Now that they were inside, they just had to figure out how to find the death trap, disarm it, and get everyone out in time. They took a look at their surroundings. There were three beautiful porcelain sinks edged with gold filigree and three matching stalls that held similarly gilded toilets. There was no door in or out except the one that led to the rest of the party and the women holding it in right outside. They were in, but had nowhere to go.

Published by dndwife

My husband and I run a dungeons and dragons table together and I write about our crazy adventures both in and out of the story. My husband DM's and I am the table artist. I paint minis for everyone at the table and provide crafted gifts like dice boxes, bags, and artwork.

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