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Null: God of Undead Dragons

Null played a big part in our last campaign. He was the culmination of personal stories and quests for some of our party. I painted this miniature for the final confrontation with Null. Before this encounter, we had only seen Null’s aspects on the Prime Material plane. This was his true and final form. The miniature itself is pretty simple. An undead dragon with decaying wings.

I started by covering the bone structure in a dark blue black. It transitioned between each color really well in light. This was a really light tinted paint so it took many layers before it became dark enough for what I had in mind.

Next, I painted the decaying wings in a dark purple to compliment the dark black blue of the rest of the miniature. It also took a couple of layers of the purple to reach the saturation I was looking for. So far it is a pretty intimidation look, but we can always make a miniature unique with a bit of extra work.

Here is a front shot of all the completed base layers. Seeing it from this perspective really shows how terrifying it would be for the miniature champions that have to face this deity.

I added the last details in the face with blood red eyes and regular bone teeth for a bit of contrast. I used the Glistening Blood effect from the Nolzur’s line of paints for the eyes because the paint retains its shine and I loved how they popped with it. Still just this alone isn’t enough to do justice to the God of Undead Dragons.

So I decided to make a “Soul Mantle” for the god. It was actually pretty simple. You just take some small string lights, I chose a purple color of light to match the color scheme of the miniature. Next, you take some poly fill stuffing and roll it into a line, then wrap the light up in it. I wove them through the fill and twisted the line to make it look like a swirling cloud.

When the lights turn on it really gives the miniature that oomph it needs to wow players at the table. This effect makes it look like Null is reaching out from the cloud to pull unwary souls to him. It looks blue in this light but wait until the lights go off.

Back shot of the lit mantle. I used the mantle going so low on the back to hide the battery that powers the lights. I glued the battery to the base and you can barely tell its there unless you know what to look for.

That claw coming out to get you is crazy! I love how the lights give the sense of a roiling cloud that follows the god.

This is Null in battle when he was first introduce to us. We were in the Shadow Fell and he popped up. In the dark you can really see the purple lights woven through the poly fill. Now the miniature is worthy of representing a god of undeath!

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My husband and I run a dungeons and dragons table together and I write about our crazy adventures both in and out of the story. My husband DM's and I am the table artist. I paint minis for everyone at the table and provide crafted gifts like dice boxes, bags, and artwork.

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