Coming Back

Aleera was carried by the remaining members of the Hand of Destiny through the city streets towards the simple bench to Bahamut. Kariss had managed to cast Gentle Repose on the body which had started to turn to ash almost immediately. They arrived at the simple bench and laid Aleera’s body down on the soft, worn wood. For a moment, silence reigned as they tried to figure out what to do. Kariss did not have a resurrection spell prepared to save her life. She thought she might be able to attune to Aleera’s lute and cast one that way but that would take time. 

Kaladrax stood off to the side, inconsolable. Tears streamed down his face as he stared at the body of his beloved. He was in shock and hearing that Kariss could not immediately save her was more than he could bear. His legs began to buckle under him. He was caught by Zenriel, their friend and Cleric of Tiamat. She looked him in the eye and promised to bring Aleera back for him. He blinked back the tears in his eyes as she gave him her word. She stepped to the side of the bench where Aleera’s head rested and asked them all to place offerings to bring her back. 

Hepolita laid some of the white flowers that grew where her goddess’s presence was found in nature. Kariss stood by, rendered speechless by her inability to help in the moment. Milo gave up his lock crawler, a lock picking mechanism in the shape of a bug that he adored. Kaladrax was last and placed a giant blue diamond worth five thousand dragons. With all the offerings given, Zenriel began to chant and cast for the resurrection. A red light appeared over the area, obscuring the serenity and beauty of the small garden. It was full of power and energy. 

The chanting grew into a cacophony until suddenly died down and Aleera shot into a sitting position, gasping for air. She grabbed at her throat and body for a moment before realizing that she was among the living again. She looked at the people that surrounded her before finding Kaladrax and jumping to hug him. She slumped against him once her task of getting to him was done. As he held her upright, she glanced at Zenriel and thanked her with a raspy whisper. The group was so stunned by the power they had just witnessed that they stood there for a few minutes in awed silence. 

After a while Kaladrax insisted on bringing Aleera to the Spectre’s Respite to rest. They sent word to the Magister’s office of Aleera’s recovery and locked themselves into the rooms upstairs for the remainder of the day and night. Aleera was set up in bed with the various other members spread out around the bedroom. They brought up too much food and drink. Ate until their stomachs were uncomfortably full and napped when needed. They stayed by her side as she recovered from coming back. While the rest of them slept off the remainder of their late lunch, Aleera pondered her death. 

She had never died before and though this didn’t last for long she still felt the cold of death. She also felt the pressure of time. There was still one more power to recover before her wish could be fulfilled. She already knew what it would be. After all the fighting and running she knew exactly what she wanted. Her quarry was somewhere out on the ocean somewhere. That was all she was shown by the Traveler before she had been yanked back into her body. 

Something was bugging her about the trial too. It had seemed too convenient that Laeral was brought up on additional charges. She was beginning to doubt the veracity of the claims that came from her former steward. There was something slimy about him she hadn’t felt before this day. She wasn’t at all sure anymore of the Blackstaff’s good intentions. She seemed to want to foment unrest in the city, not keep the peace. 

As the last rays of the run gave way to grey she joined her friends in sleep and gave herself over to rest. Before her eyes closed she met Zenriel’s eyes and promised her that she would support her work in freeing Tiamat as a thanks for her efforts in bringing her back. Knowing that this might not be the best idea she still felt she had no choice. She owed Zenriel and if that meant freeing her goddess, then so be it.


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My husband and I run a dungeons and dragons table together and I write about our crazy adventures both in and out of the story. My husband DM's and I am the table artist. I paint minis for everyone at the table and provide crafted gifts like dice boxes, bags, and artwork.

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