5 Reason I Love D&D

I love playing D&D, it has become a huge, central part of my life. I have made good friends with D&D, laughed, loved and lost. We have been through so much together that we are like family now. So I wanted to share the reasons why I love the game so much.

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  1. Community: above everything else, D&D is a community game. What I mean is that all players at the table end up creating a small community of friends within the table. We create powerful bonds when we play together. That sense of community can be really nice, especially if surrounded by good friends.
  2. Critical Thinking: This game and really all tabletop games, make you think. Combat as well as the interactions we have with npc’s and other players exercise the brain when we plan, strategize, research and fight. This makes it easier and easier to multitask and maintain multiple points of focus during a game. It’s a great game for keeping your mind sharp
  3. Meeting new people: If you have no existing group of friends that want to play D&D, it is always a good way to meet new people. We went on the dndbeyond.com forums to find people to fill up spots on our table. The one piece of advice I would give is to be very careful about who you invite into your home. If you aren’t sure or don’t want people you haven’t met in your home, meet in a safe, public space and take at least one buddy with you.
  4. Escape: Once in a while, it is really nice to be able to imagine a whole different world where you and your friends are heroes. Every two weeks I go into a fantasy world with my friends and we can just not think about our problems. For a few hours I can focus on defeating a dragon or taking down a corrupt government. Escape isn’t great all the time but in small doses it can be a nice break from real life.
  5. Laughter: You don’t have to be a comedian to create funny moments, life can do that for you. When we play, there are times when we mess up or things don’t quite go our way. Our table has a great time laughing at our own blunders. Forgetting a component of a spell or getting a natural one on an action that should have been easy make for great laughing material. Laughing helps us feel better and relax, especially during social situations.
Photo by Daan Stevens on Pexels.com

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My husband and I run a dungeons and dragons table together and I write about our crazy adventures both in and out of the story. My husband DM's and I am the table artist. I paint minis for everyone at the table and provide crafted gifts like dice boxes, bags, and artwork.

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