Reunion and Escape

Milo was stuck in an endless wasteland of reflection. Mirrors were everywhere and part of the landscape. He walked for endless miles and always saw the same reflection of himself everywhere he went. He thought he would have to keep walking forever in this endless mirror world when he came across the first break in the endless realm he had seen. There was a cluster of ruins up ahead so he headed to the first sign of something different. 

For the first time since arriving here, he was in a place where there were more things than mirrors. Milo was slowly making his way through the ruins, checking them out as he went when he heard a shuffling in the distance. The place he was in was weird so he didn’t exactly know where it was coming from. He was peeking around a corner when he sensed something at his back. He looked but couldn’t see anything. He was jostled by something and turned to find his brother standing a few feet away staring at him. 

Tylo said nothing for a long time. Then he told his brother what he really felt. He had known Milo was alive after the debacle with Sane under the mountains but hadn’t pursued it further. He had killed Milo but felt no satisfaction. He just wanted to put the old grudge to rest. He explained that he and their parents had also been captured and he had seen Milo escape when he had broken for it. He thought Milo had left them behind. Milo explained that he didn’t even know his family had been taken. 

Tylo knew that now but by then he had thought it was too late to make amends. When he had heard his brother was still alive he thought it would be best to stay away and make his own way in the world. He had gone back to being the Black Viper in Waterdeep. He had found the first Black Viper wounded and on the brink of death years ago. They had been good friends and she asked him to take over once she was gone. He reluctantly agreed and became the Black Viper in her stead. He had been doing it ever since. 

They were sharing bits of their lives with each other and even though not all their problems were solved they came to a budding truce. They would join forces to find the children and get out of the Mirror place. They were trying to come up with a plan when they heard a low shuffling coming from somewhere in the distance. They looked over the broken wall of ruins to find out if they could see what was coming. In the distance, at the other side of the ruins, was Dezu. He knew they were here and was looking for them. He wasn’t alone.

Next to him was a wraith-like creature. It looked like they had a fight on their hands. They looked at each other and agreed to split up. Dezu might know about Milo being here since he was the main target, but he might not know about Tylo being there. A fight ensued and they were almost outmatched. Milo led Dezu around the ruins in a deadly game of cat and mouse, landing blows where he could. Tylo took on the wraith and destroyed it after a lengthy chase. That left Dezu to deal with. 

The brother’s teamed up to take him on, meeting him face to face now that his ally had been disposed of. Tylo was keeping to the shadows, landing blows where he could. While Milo took on Dezu he was taken off his feet by a blow to the legs and was knocked prone. Dezu was about to land a devastating blow when Tylo came out of the shadows behind him and managed to attack. This allowed Milo enough time to regroup and get back up. They continued fighting for endless minutes not knowing how long it would take to destroy Dezu. 

Finally, they managed to land a killing blow and Dezu fell apart. His armor fell on the mirrored ground with a loud thud. Of the children there was still no sign. After their opponents were defeated, the ruins vanished into nothingness as well. In their place appeared two mirrors, identical in their appearance. It seemed like there was a way out but they still hadn’t found the children yet. Through one of the mirrors, Milo could see a strange fiery place where his friends were wandering. Through the other were the children, bound and gagged in a different part of the mirror place. 

Tylo touched Milo’s shoulder and told him to go after his friends. He promised to get the kids out and return to Waterdeep. He asked his brother to come see him when they both got back. Milo reluctantly nodded and after a moment of looking at his brother’s face he jumped through the mirror into the fiery place where his friends now roamed.


Published by dndwife

My husband and I run a dungeons and dragons table together and I write about our crazy adventures both in and out of the story. My husband DM's and I am the table artist. I paint minis for everyone at the table and provide crafted gifts like dice boxes, bags, and artwork.

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