My First World

The first world I ever worked on. I started with questions and didn’t build a map first. Since I am a big fan of long epic tales with rich history, I decided making a brand new world and building its history up from scratch as the best way to create it. I just began building the world and cities. I named it Ouros.

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  • Type: Earth-like. This world of fairly new in comparison to say Earth.
  • Sky Color: purple sky
  • Sun: blue massive star, new sun.
  • Moons: 2 – Erestos and Agara
  • Size: 3x Earth
    • 19134.3 kilometers radius or 11889.5 miles
    • Avg. surface temp is 78.9*F
    • Water comprises 71% of planet
    • Plenty of life though not all human
    • Length of Day: 30 hours
    • Length of year: 429 days, 13 months, 33 days to a month.
    • Seasonal Variations: Most of the year is temperate with heat and cold corresponding to day and night but during winter the sky goes dark and everything goes underground because dark beasts come out to prey then.
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The first questions I answered were about planet makeup. They had to do with temperature and stability of life. I made it very similar to Earth, since it is currently the only known planet able to sustain life. We have discovered other planets that might be able to sustain life but none have been proven. I did change some features of the planet.

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Ouros is a fairly new planet in a new solar system. Because it is so new, the sun is younger and burns hotter. It appears blue instead of our yellow sun which we know is quite older. So instead of seeing a blue sky, Ouros has a purple sky. It is also much bigger than Earth. I thought a bigger surface area would allow for multiple species of people to cohabitate on the planet.

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Since I allowed magic to exist, I also had to come up with laws to govern it. Similar to the laws of physics we follow on our own world to help us use physics to understand the world better. Like any laws, these are only the known concepts of magic. I gave it room to grow and allow for other magics to emerge and evolve.

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  • Magic: is a natural part of the world, all things are imbued with at least a spark of magic, though they might not be able to use it. It is in the trees, sky, air, and water. Only the Synethrin cast together, most other magic users are solitary and secretive about their arts.
    • Magical Laws:
      • No dead can be resurrected to previous state, it is outlawed and considered taboo. Zombies/flesh golems can be made though. Once dead you must stay dead.
      • Magic comes from the planet and people on it, it is a symbiotic relationship all living things have in this world.
      • It is possible to magically burn out from excess of energy and improper preparation, literal spontaneous combustion.
      • Time travel is not possible through magic.
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Adapting the world to a D&D game was a little harder since I wasn’t thinking of D&D at the time.

Have any questions or comments? Message below or find me on Twitter @DnDWifeStories and on Instagram @dndwife. I would love to hear from you!

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