Maiden Voyage

The Hand Of Destiny waited on the dock for their new airship to be lowered. It had taken a bit longer to make because it wasn’t just an airship, it was a ship that could now travel both in water and in the air. The Temple of Inspired Hands lowered their ship into the docking area and invited them aboard to check out their new/old ship. It still looked like a ship but now there were attachments, large crystals, that controlled their ascent and descent in the air. 

They were told that they would probably have to hire a crew for the ship and outfit it, in the meantime they would have to maneuver the ship themselves. Kaladrax, as their most learned colleague, was asked to Captain the ship. Gralmore took up the role of Quartermaster. Nim, the construct from the House of Inspired Hands, came aboard with them. The temple could no longer keep him hidden from the rest of the city so he came on as the Boson for the ship. He was the maintenance person and Nim seemed happy to be able to tinker all day. Hepolita became the cook. Aleera became First Mate and Kariss the Surgeon. 

Aleera made sure Captain Coppertree could keep a slightly smaller ship they had accrued so she was no longer beholden to them. She could make her own way on the seas, as she wanted. A lot of the crew had dispersed and gone ashore, with some coming back for work. Many went with Sheila, as she was their Captain. The party spent a few days advertising for a crew and interviewing potential members. Once they had enough, they set sail on their maiden voyage.

They left the normal way, as a water vessel. They wanted to keep the ship with flight capabilities if they needed them. The airship could fly for a few hours but eventually needed to come down to recharge the crystals. As they made their way, Aleera put on a dance show for the crew to lift their spirits. It was a smash hit and the crew took to their new assignments on board with enthusiasm. They sailed into the fading light of day and slept comfortably. The next morning dawned and broke Aleera out of a dream. 

She had dreamed of the last power she was hunting. The last one before The Traveler could leave this plane and the last one before she could get her reward. Anything she desired and she had known what her answer would be for a long time. The last one was also more cunning than the others. It had left its last host and jumped ship before she could locate it. Now she could hunt it again. She went to the deck of the ship and closed her eyes, searching for the pull she could feel when they were close. She felt it off to the north west. In a rush, she ran to the other’s quarters and told them what she needed. 

Of course the team agreed to help. Kaladrax ran up the stairs to the deck to alert the crew of the change of direction. With everyone working together they were soon sailing along on a northwesterly route. Aleera could feel the renegade power getting closer. After a day and a half of searching in the same direction they came across an island in the middle of the ocean. They were far enough away that they could leave the boat on a reconnaissance mission to see what they could see. They left Kaladrax aboard to man the ship and cannons should they be needed. 

Aleera went flying in and gave herself invisibility. She tracked the power while the others searched the area for any allies of it. She and the others came upon a town, a shanty town made up of what looked like a mish mash of old ships and newer additions to adapt to land. They saw people moving around in a variety of colorful clothing. It seemed they had come across a hidden pirate hideaway. There were goods being traded with various logos from different parts of the world. No one country had access to all the others in the world, alliances were hard to come by. 

She located the rogue power inside a makeshift bar. People were drinking and carousing but in the corner, playing cards, was a hooded figure. From its hands, she could see that he was a bird kin of sorts. Aleera thought she was well hidden but the location went both ways. Just as she could feel the other power’s presence, it could also feel hers. The bird knew she was close and began to twitch. After a few moments of inaction, the bird leapt through the window and disappeared into the coming evening. The light was fading and following the power with eyes was not enough. Aleera let herself be led forward by the feeling. 

She followed the bird relentlessly, finally cornering it on it’s small ship. She telepathically asked Kariss to signal Kaladrax to bring the ship around the way they were going. On the deck of the enemy ship the bird came to a stop with nowhere else to go. The hood fell away from the face to reveal a male Aarakocra with shining black feathers. He squared off against Aleera, ready to fight for his life.


Published by dndwife

My husband and I run a dungeons and dragons table together and I write about our crazy adventures both in and out of the story. My husband DM's and I am the table artist. I paint minis for everyone at the table and provide crafted gifts like dice boxes, bags, and artwork.

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