Dark Storm

Aleera faced off against the Aaracokra pirate with the last power she was looking for. Once she completed her mission she would be free to ask for her heart’s desire. Her resolution hardened and she prepared for the fight to come. The Aarakocra seemed more concerned with finding a way out. He didn’t appear to be eager to fight. He just wanted to stay out of her grasp. Aleera messaged Kaladrax and Gralmor to bring the ship around and pin the other ship into the makeshift harbor that this pirate hideaway had. 

They began making their way slowly towards the opposite end of the small island. As they approached the opposing vessel still moored where Aleera and the pirate were squaring off Kaladrax used one of his new abilities. The sky, already darkening with the setting sun, got darker as heavy thunder clouds moved in from nowhere. They blanketed the sky. Lightning flashed and a massive storm began its destruction of the island. Hepolita and Kariss saw the shanty town get destroyed by a huge swell that hit that side of the island. Giant waves started crashing down on the miniscule island nearly encapsulating the small spread of land surrounded by churning ocean. 

Milo had gone back down to the town to try and find out any other useful information or items hidden by the citizens. He hadn’t found much of anything and was almost swept away by the wave that destroyed most of the town. He floundered from roof to roof, if they were still standing, trying to get away from the receding waves. He was almost swept under a few times when the swells overtook some of the lower roofs he was traversing. Finally he made it onto dry land when the waves went back to the sea to get ready for another assault on the land. Hobbling back to Hepolita and Kariss back on the other end of the island. 

Back on the ship, Aleera was throwing spells back and forth with the flying pirate. The storm was strong enough that even he could not ride the winds. Aleera herself was forced to stand upon the deck of the rocking ship. Neither could fly but that meant neither could escape and Aleera had no intention of leaving without the last power. She kept him on his toes hoping to land a good Witch Bolt. It would mark him with the symbol of the Traveler and seep the power from his body and transfer it to hers. The rest of the party  just thought she gained the power but she was actually their temporary prison while she gathered them for the Traveler. He was a god but from a different world and could not cross over all the way into their world. 

After a short battle full of bursts of magic, roiling seas rocking the ship, and a deluge of water pouring down on their heads, Aleera managed to get a good attack in which brought the Aarakocra down but didn’t kill him. At one point she had almost been struck by the insane lightning coming down and was eager to get out of the storm. She walked over as steadily as possible and asked him to stop. She let him know that she didn’t want to kill him but she needed to capture the power inside him. Back into a corner, the Aarakocra chose death over freedom. He didn’t want to give up the dark power inside his body. He rushed to stab her with his cutlass but she had anticipated his reaction and had a spell prepared. He died and the power left him. 

Her mission was complete, the powers were safely ensconced within her and ready for transfer to the Traveler’s custody. As the last bit of power swept into her she dropped into a stupor. It was a combination of the exhaustion of battle over taking her and her god making contact. Again she floated in darkness surrounded by burning stars and crashing cosmos. Doors were spaced evenly in a line in front and behind her. One of them stood open now, a bright world or sunshine and plains stretched out from the doorway. In her head a voice bid her welcome and a hooded figure stepped into her field of vision. With a flick of their hands, they threw back the hood and revealed a visage of the Traveler to her. A handsome but forgettable man, one who could be anyone in any place at any time. 

With a smile he came to her with open arms. When she came forward to give over the powers, however, he stopped her. He told her that he sensed a great conflict on the horizon for her and her companions. She would need the powers to survive the coming fight. He knew she would not abandon her world without reason so he asked her to hold on to them a little longer. Soon they would have time to make the transfer and give her the reward she had worked so hard for. He smiled at her and headed through the sunny door. As it closed behind her the corridor faded to black. 

When she awoke, the rest of the party was gathered around a bed in the crew quarters of their ship. They were sailing away from the devastated island and on their way to their original destination, Chult. Their goal was to take back the relics that had been stolen from the wood elves by the Yuan-ti. Kariss had informed them that the ultimate goal of the Yuan-ti was to resurrect their god Sssseth. The Hand of Destiny had to stop this resurrection or Sssseth would lay waste to the world.

Published by dndwife

My husband and I run a dungeons and dragons table together and I write about our crazy adventures both in and out of the story. My husband DM's and I am the table artist. I paint minis for everyone at the table and provide crafted gifts like dice boxes, bags, and artwork.

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