The Scourge of Chult

The Hand of Destiny spent a couple of weeks at sea on their way to Chult. The days were filled with planning and work aboard the vessel. Hepolita had the challenge of feeding the entire crew, Kariss dealt with a lot of seasickness and other ailments, and Aleera entertained each night to boost morale. Kaladrax and Gralmore conferred over routes to take and preferred landing spot. Each got to experience life at sea and were quite happy for the trip. 

Port Nyanzaru was the closest town to the densest part of the jungles they were headed to. Kaladrax adjusted course towards the town. They arrived just as the sun was going down. There were no lights on. The town stood in darkness and nothing seemed to stir in the shadows. It looked abandoned. The group docked the ship, made sure it was secure, and disembarked. They walked through the docks and then through the town. The streets were bare. Houses stood with doors open. 

Kariss began entering the homes looking for survivors with the others not far behind. There were signs of rummaging and ransacking in the homes. Some had blood droplets here and there but most showed no signs of violence only emptiness. The food was intact but the homes were still in shambles. There were no living or dead bodies anywhere in the town. It was empty. They spent the night back aboard the ship, posting a rotating guard to ensure their safety during the night. For added security they snuffed out all light aboard the vessel and all guards were placed in areas with necessary cover to observe without being caught out in the open. 

In the morning the party had a grim breakfast, eating out of necessity rather than desire. Kaladrax suggested that they next look for his old tribe. The journal his father had bequeathed to him upon his death had revealed the existence of a hidden village of black Dragonborns that were the offspring of the original mother dragon, Shhuusshuru. She had betrayed Null in the past and ran away from him, hiding in the dense jungles of Chult to hide her presence. When she died, her essence sank into the swamp and out of it crawled the first black Dragonborns in the area. 

He wanted to check the area for any knowledge of Null and ways to defeat him or perhaps a weapon of some kind that he could use against the dragon god. The party agreed since it was in the same general area they were headed. Kaladrax adjusted the ship to rise into the air with their new crystals and made their way into the jungles. After a few hours in the air, they arrived at the location he had of the tribe. There were moldering tents everywhere and just like Port Nyanzaru, there were no bodies, no sign that there had ever been people here except for the decaying tent structures. 

Kaladrax eventually found the resting place of a long dead ancestor, his grandfather in fact. Who had stayed with the hidden treasure and died among them. He also found a small memento that had remained untouched by the decay, everything else fell apart at the touch. Having found some sort of closure, if not a weapon, Kaladrax and the group set off once more towards the jungles of the Yuan-ti. They arrived after a few more hours to a set of stone ruins with snake effigies peeking through. The Hand of Destiny went in with furtive movements, trying to stay quiet and out of sight for as long as possible. They left Gralmor behind to steer the ship and to assist them should they need it. 

As quiet as they were, this was the territory of the Yuan-ti and they were experts at blending in. Before they knew it, Yuan-ti fighters were coming at them from all sides. They fought their way closer to the main ruins. In the distance they could see a large iron cage and further back a large circle of mages surrounded the elven relics. The relics were sitting in the acid pools of the Yuan-ti protected from the acid by magic. Hissing chants rose into the balmy, still air of the jungle. Fighters continued assaulting them. 

They made it to the large iron cage to find a starving, weak Vajra Sahfir. The real person who should have been the Blackstaff had been imprisoned here for a long time. The Queen of Mirrors had simply taken her place in Waterdeep. They broke the lock that held the door closed and brought her out. She was weak but still able and when Kariss pointed in the direction of their airship she wasted no time in walking towards the ship. 

Since they had stopped to free the prisoner, the priests were able to complete their ritual and succeeded in bringing back an aspect of their god, Ssseth. He was incomplete and his various parts manifested to hunt down the last piece of the formula to bring him back all the way. The last piece was Kariss, the Maiden. Her DNA was so pure, it was the key to bringing him back. The party fought desperately, narrowly missing traps and certain death. Milo was surprised by a Medusa waiting for him in the shadows of a tower ruin. Kariss was chased around by the Maw, who was looking to swallow her and drive himself into the acid pools to complete the ritual. 

As they fought, the party noticed that many of the Yuan-ti were, instead of standing to fight, fleeing. They threw themselves into the pools and added to the power of the Ssseth aspect. The Hand of Destiny threw everything they had at the beast. Gralmore brought the ship closer and Kaladrax hopped back aboard, aiming their new cannon from Drakenforge at the aspect and managing to both almost kill himself and deal a heavy blow to Ssseth. One of the special projectiles he used had misfired but the final one had landed dead on. 

They had finally defeated him and the remaining fighters after expending everything they had. After reclaiming the elven artifacts, they lifted them aboard the ship with a lot of help and flying. They secured them as best they could before they flew back through the jungles towards the shore and the open ocean that called to them once more. As a final insult to the god, they strung his head up from the prow of the ship as a warning to all that might cross them.

Published by dndwife

My husband and I run a dungeons and dragons table together and I write about our crazy adventures both in and out of the story. My husband DM's and I am the table artist. I paint minis for everyone at the table and provide crafted gifts like dice boxes, bags, and artwork.

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