Nightmare of the Lost: Part 4

Out of Control

Sukra helped BaRuhk reach the location where the treacherous villagers had told them they delivered bodies to. It was a simple waystone set right before the forest engulfed most of the road. It was empty. There was no sign of the undead or living. The couple went back to check the village and found it empty of people as well. 

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If it wasn’t for BaRuhk’s new look and the sorrow that still filled Sukra’s heart, they would have thought the villagers had never existed. Further inspection of the empty town revealed supplies that they then carried with them. They looted the place and went on their way to the next town. 

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On their journey BaRuhk realized that his magic was more uncontrollable than ever. Before his new vine and wood body he had been skilled at magic. Precision was something BaRuhk cared about very much and so he had an immense amount of control over his magic. Now it was different. His magic seemed to have a life of its own. 

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They found this out the hard way. Sukra and BaRuhk were walking through the forest arguing about their next move. Sukra wanted to keep following the stain of Necromancy in the air to the source on their own. BaRuhk thought they would fare better with a group of mercenaries or volunteers. The heat of anger kept building inside his new body without him realizing it until it burst out from him and set the forest around ablaze. 

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Sukra had to scramble with her own magic to try to douse the flames. She was skilled at healing not elemental magic but she called upon Kishar and asked for her guidance. With her goddess’s blessing, she was able to douse the flames by sending down a light shower of rain over the affected area. BaRuhk stood in stunned silence as his flames were slowly snuffed by the gentle rain. 

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Their fight ended right there. Sukra agreed that they needed help and now that his magic was out of control he needed to rely more on his weapons. They continued their journey to the next inhabited town to search for allies. As they traveled, BaRuhk practiced with his old weapons, the ax, sword and knife on his belt. Sukra tried to help him control his magic but even at his most precise, unexpected things still happened. They weren’t always negative but they could not control the side effects of the magic. 

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After days of travel on foot around the forest where they sensed the most corruption of Necromancy, they found a large enough outpost for their search. Crystal Falls was a bustling large town. They spent a few days waiting, taking rooms at one of the inns, after posting their advertisement for mercenaries and volunteers to help end the undead scourge of the forest and mountains in the area. 

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The first to answer their advertisement was a man named Brick. He came in looking haunted but resolute. He was also their first volunteer. In his hand was clutched one of their flyers. They sat down with him at the local tavern, in a small alcove that gave them some privacy. He then explained why he wanted to join their group. His hands shook as he recalled what had happened.

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He had been in the kingdom’s service when this happened. His battalion had been called in for patrols on the border near where Crystal Falls was located. They had encountered a dark wood, the one Sukra and BaRuhk had been tracking the Necromancer through. Everything had been fine one moment and the next, undead had come crawling from every direction. One by one his comrades had fallen and risen again as undead. The only reason he escaped death was from an opening left by one of his fellow soldiers. 

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When the undead had first attacked, he had hacked the legs off of a number of them. In turn he was overrun and eaten to near nothingness. Still his body reanimated itself and tried to come after him like everything else, but he had left a gap in the ranks. A small opening was left as the remaining undead looked to him as their last morsel left. He ran through and didn’t stop until he reached the safety of Crystal Falls. His voice broke as he proclaimed himself a coward, too scared to even let his commander’s know he was alive. 

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He explained that he could not return to service without having beaten this evil. He needed to get justice for his fellow soldiers and friends. He begged to join them and they could not refuse. They paid for a room at the inn for him and told him to rest and bathe in anticipation of their quest while they waited for others to join. Brick was impatient to leave but understood the need for strength in numbers. Sukra and BaRuhk went back to waiting for anyone else that might join in on their mad adventure.

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