Back from the Dead

Reunited once more, the Hand of Destiny prepared to leave the Shadow Fell. They could have used a teleportation spell but the portal they had come through was still open overhead. Blue black energy swirled and cracked in the air above. Not wanting to waste spells in case there was a battle ahead of them back home, they made for the portal using their various means of flight. 

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Passing through was nauseating and the portal was slowly closing now that Null was no longer keeping it open from his side. They made it through with plenty of time and hurtled through the open air above the ocean surrounding Waterdeep. Flying down towards the beaches right outside the city gates, the party took in the scenery and saw the large statues that were located at equal intervals in a semi circle around the city. They stood in the water, ready to take down any enemies that appeared. Some showed signs of attacks that had reached them. Ichor and coagulated blood marred their looks. They headed past the statues, landed on the beach and made their way to the nearest gate. 

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After making all of the appropriate visits to governmental offices, giving their reports and taking care of their business in town, the party headed to their sanctuary. The Spectre’s Respite was booming with business. People were laughing and retelling tales of when the statues defended the city. Kaladrax, the current Blackstaff, was met with cheers and offers of free booze. The patrons were so drunk they didn’t realize they were offering him his own liquor. After a quick meal of pork steak with mushrooms and onions over the top, a side of beef stew and a cold ale, the party retired to their rooms above the bar. 

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Kaladrax prepared his magical mansion for the night and everyone piled in so they could rest. Quiet filled the halls of the mansion as they separated for the night and headed to their rooms. The next morning they had a hearty breakfast and discussed what should be done. Kaladrax had recently gained a very special spell. It was a spell that could only be known by the most disciplined and learned of magic users. It was a wish spell. Very few things offered wishes so to have a spell that you could use at any time was a huge help. He wanted to use it now. He wanted to bring his father back from the dead. After a bit more discussion, the rest of the party agreed and went with him as they teleported to the Fafnir estate. 

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They headed to the greenhouse that was connected to the main house where they knew his mother would be. It was her sanctuary and she could be found there most of the time. She was watering her plants when they entered the green house. Her back was to them and she was humming a sad tune as she worked. Kaladrax went to her side and she hugged him tight, glad to know he was safe and still with her. He spoke quietly to her and explained what he wanted to do. Her eyes widened as she grasped what he was planning. With a slight nod and a single tear rolling down her cheek, she agreed. With that sign of acceptance Kaladrax began to focus on his spell. 

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When Fafnir had died, his body had disintegrated into ash. Most of it had gone into an urn that was kept in the home and some had been collected by him to take with him wherever he went. They retrieved these items and piled the ashes together on the open floor in the green house. Kaladrax focused on his wish. He was a clever wizard so he only wished for a high level spell not a rewriting of reality. He wished for a True Resurrection of his father. Nothing happened as he concentrated, then all of a sudden, a bright golden light filled the green house. When the light died down the pile of ash that had been Fafnir was gone. Standing in that place was a tall, black Dragonborn that looked like an older version of Kaladrax. It was Fafnir. 

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He was staring mutely ahead and then looked slowly around the room, taking in the sight that was before him. Glaurunda rushed at him and jumped into his arms which automatically curled around her. It took a few moments of coaxing for Fafnir to break out of his shock and realize that he truly was back in the land of the living. Kaladrax hugged his father but mostly stood back, wanting to let his parents enjoy their reunion. He could not bear the thought of his mother being alone for the rest of her life so he had planned on bringing his father back for her. Only now did he realize that he also missed his father. Despite their rocky past, they still loved each other and now he understood everything. He was so happy but he was also exhausted from the energy that he had expended to make this happen. 

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After a few more moments of tender reunion, Kaladrax insisted that his parents retire for the day to allow his father to rest. He headed to his own bedroom with Aleera. The others were left to their own devices and went out into the town to take care of their own needs. Aleera helped Kaladrax get to sleep so he could recuperate in the peace of his own home. She didn’t mention the impending feeling that they needed to fight the Queen of Ash soon, before she grew more powerful than even they could handle. 

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