Miniature Showcase

The Wolves of Kaithorn

Our latest campaign began a few months ago and we all spent some time getting the right miniature for our characters. These are the completed miniatures. We are currently in Icewind Dale, trying to find a way to stop the madness that is going on. As an extra, I added fluorescent paint accents to make us all uniquely visible. From left to right we have: Zephyr Raventhorn, Lullaby the Kenku, Dvalin Thornshield, Mythe the Changeling, and Brenna Wolfheart.

Brenna Wolfheart is our Paladin of the Watcher Oath. Her father is Heimdall the Watcher. She was born to protect the prime material plane from incursions from other universes. Beholders, Mind Flayers and other extra planar beings are her sworn enemies. Her wings glow with the colors of the Bifrost when she goes into her celestial form. She often wonders if her only purpose is to be a weapon for her father.

Mythe the Changeling is the rogue of our party. He is often mistaken for a doppleganger but dreams of a far off place where the sky is red and people look like him. The miniature is painted as he looks naturally, with washed out, gray skin and white hair. Whenever he changes into someone else we use one of our NPC miniatures to replace his mini for the time he is transformed. His psionic powers are represented with the purple fluorescent paint.

Dvalin Thornshield is the only known living heir of the Thornshield clan. His father Gralmor was an important NPC for our last campaign and when it ended he settled down and had a child. Dvalin is on a quest to free his father and restore his family name in Iron Mountain. He is a Forge Cleric of Moradin and his power is represented in red fluorescent paint on the jewels in his armor.

Lullaby the Kenku is our monk of the Astral self. She can project an even stronger persona from her ki. Her ki power is represented with green fluorescent paint to show her points of contact glowing with power. She is currently grappling with her feathers falling out without growing back in and the party is looking for a solution to her problem. She also hates being called creature because it has been used to describe her in a negative light before.

Zephyr Raventhorn the last living descendant of the ruling line of Neverwinter. His mother was an elven royal who had fled her home and found a lover who had also fled his own home. She didn’t know that he was the king of Neverwinter and he didn’t know that she was elven royalty. They were separated when he was taken back to the throne by soldiers and she was left behind to raise their child alone. He is currently fighting to get back to the mainland and take back his crown.

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My husband and I run a dungeons and dragons table together and I write about our crazy adventures both in and out of the story. My husband DM's and I am the table artist. I paint minis for everyone at the table and provide crafted gifts like dice boxes, bags, and artwork.

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