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Sheila Coppertree

Now that the story of BaRuhk and Sukra is over I wanted to showcase some of my favorite NPC’s from the first campaign. We had a lot of cool people meet us throughout the course of our adventures but some just stood out from the rest. These people were all creations of my husband and DM. For this spotlight we will be focusing on Sheila Coppertree.

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Sheila had a pretty messed up background. Her ship at the time we met her was named, The Anabelle Lee. Our party didn’t know it but her ship was named after her partner. The story goes that these two ladies were once swindlers across the seas. They would pick a mark and clean them out before leaving as quickly as they arrived. In time they heard a rumor that there was a djinn around that could grant wishes. He was a notorious gambler and was known to sometimes pay his debts with a wish. They prepared and made plans to find and swindle a wish out of him so they could sail the seas forever.

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One morning , while Sheila was sleeping off a major drunk from the night before, Anabelle went to gamble at the local tavern on her own. It turned out that the djinn was there that day and they ended up playing against each other. Normally, her and Coppertree would pair up to cheat but with Sheila out of the picture for the morning she tried to cheat on her own and got caught. Anabelle prepared for the worst punishment but was surprised when he granted her a wish. She immediately wish to be able to sail on the greatest seas forever.

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A sly grin crept over the djinn’s face and Anabelle disappeared right in front of him. No one in the bar really noticed since it was mid morning and most of the regulars were sleeping off their own drunks from the night before. The djinn exited the tavern and disappeared into the crowd. When Sheila woke up that afternoon, a sailor that had been at the bar from the night before told her that Anabelle had been there one moment and gone the next. With no way to find where she was, Sheila thought her love was dead.

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This drove her to drink even harder than before. That was the state she was in when the party found her. She was always either drunk or sleeping it off. Her first mate scurried around leading the ship in her stead, making excuses for her. The party never really found out why she drank so much or what haunted her before they parted ways but I think it would have been cool to try and find out what happened. I was able to find out later, after the campaign was over.

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The djinn had granted the wished in the most cruel way. He had transported Anabelle to the plane of water, hoping to have her drown in the realm that was nothing but endless ocean. What he didn’t know was that Anabelle was part water Genasi. It was a hidden trait in her family tree that even her parents didn’t know about. She was surprised to discover that she could breathe underwater and now roams the endless oceans hoping her lover will find her.

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