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Urstil’s story is a long one full of tragedy and loss. It began when she was born. Not many in King’s Crest knew this but Urstil was actually a high elf, specifically one born from the Dusk Isles. The main island was her home where all the elves took their young to undergo transformation within the large sunflower that bloomed there. Novos was a hub of magical activity from the Feywild. Elves went to the center focus on that island to transform into Eladrin.

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The children reborn from the sunflower were born with new features that mirrored those of their brethren in the Feywild. They had leafy hair, reflected the seasons that matched their personalities, and could grow plant life from their bodies. WIth the physical changes came enhanced magical ability that allowed them to control nature at will as well as higher spells. However, every now and then a child was reborn from the sunflower with no changes at all. They came out looking as they did before. These children were often ignored and left by the wayside for the changed children that showed more promise. Urtsil grew up ignored and uneducated since no one cared. When she reached the age of maturity she used her innate magical abilities to escape to the mainland. No one cared or searched for her.

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She reached the mainland and traveled looking for a place of refuge. Eventually, she came to the ruins of an elven city where an enchantment prevented any but other elves to enter. She spent years working on the magic, using her own raw talent to adjust it and make it open for other races to enter. She was the true founder of King’s Crest for without her to change the enchantment no one would be able to reside there besides elves. With that done, people and creatures began coming to the ruins and soon it developed into the city it was in campaign one. She always tried to stay in the shadows, known only to a few like the Regent, his guard, and the leaders of Whistler University. She spent years developing Whistler Academy, installing other leaders to take her place when she had to fade into the shadows once more.

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Urstil learned every spell she could and even made some adjustments and corrections to existing spells. She also developed a few of her own spells, some of which were kept secret. She wanted some things to remain her own. Still she remained a great asset to the school and the city with her developments. She created the barrier that covered the city and kept out any attacks and helped keep the Fey Gates safe when not in use for the Grand Guild Games. She loved the city the she had helped build. Her refuge had become the refuge of others and she was so happy. Urstil didn’t need her own kind when she had so many to care for and love right there in the city. The only thing she had ever wanted was to help others and make friends. Despite outliving so many of them, she always felt that they would always be a part of her. She cherished her memories of them.

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In time she fell in love with an up and coming general in the armed forces of the city. Eventually he became the magister for the city. Meting out justice when needed. Magister Styx became her lover and together they had many wonderful years. Happiness was not to last. She had always assumed, as did the elves of the Dusk Isles, that she had emerged unscathed from the long incubation inside the sunflower but that was not true. She had merged completely with the magic without succumbing to it. She was in fact the perfect marriage of high elven magic and fey magic. It had not taken over and altered her magic it had enhanced her magic beyond what it could normally achieve. She had reserves unlike any other elf. In a terrible development into her research of her own magic she had discovered that her aging had also been altered.

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Normally, high elves could live for high hundreds if not thousands of years but now, with her altered body she was going to live for thousands more. Her life was going to be one of solitude. Magister Styx was mortal and a human at that. His life span was a mere fraction of hers. When he began aging and she did not, she revealed her elven heritage to him from behind a very powerful illusion. He was happy that she had shared her most secret secret but soon her became devastated. He would not be able to spend the time he wanted at her side. He would die and leave her to traverse time alone, without him. It drove him insane and soon a worm of darkness found its way into his heart. Her name was the Queen of Ash. She manipulated him with promises of immortality to get him to do her bidding.

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The Hand of Destiny managed to take him down with the help of Ustril and again tragedy struck her heart as she had to kill her love. After that she spent more time in her tower studying and researching the Queen of Ash so that she could help the Hand of Destiny defeat her. She also gave up her seat on the council in penance for her involvement with Styx. It might not have been her fault but she still felt responsible for the deaths that he had caused and some of the citizens felt the same way. She only maintained a consulting capacity with the university and tried to fade back into obscurity after the events that followed the Curse of Ash.

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Despite her tragic life story she was always a beacon of good and hope. She always tried to help those around her and in the beloved city that had taken her in when she had been at her lowest. She revolved her work around defenses for the city and tried to make up for something that had never been her fault. Our party trusted her as much as we trusted each other and she will always be one of our more memorable npcs.

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