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Gigi the Goliath

Gigi was always one of my favorite NPC’s in the game. She was a vendor at the markets in King’s Crest. Her small business consisted of a bright pink tent when we first met her. Kaladrax had been the only native of Novos and so the only one who knew of her. When we first saw her tent he groaned and opted to stay outside. It wasn’t that he didn’t like Gigi. His mother had actually loved shopping there but he had hated the frilly outfits she had made him wear after visiting Gigi’s business, The Glorious Gentleman.

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Gigi was actually a very nice, warm person. Gigi was a goliath. She wore a poofy blonde wig and used the pinkest lipstick she could find. The only times one could see her bad side was when someone was attempting to steal or insulted her to her face. Then her voice would come down a few octaves as she barked at someone to stop or else. She absolutely adored pink and everything in her store had some of the hue in it. Kaladrax may have not loved the store but it seemed that the rest of the city was in love with it. There was always someone coming in or out of the bright pink tent. Gigi was always the life of the party. She could drink almost anyone under the table and was still able to speak business. She was steadfast and loyal to a fault. Anyone caught bad mouthing her friends would be met with a fist to the face.

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During the Curse of Ash, she was a beacon of hope, offering solace to the afflicted. Many of the citizens avoided contact with those afflicted by the curse but she took all people in and offered clothing, bandages, and food when she could. She sold Hepolita a gorgeous dress that would always strive to be better than what was around it. The enchantment on it gave the dress the ability to one up any other clothing around the wearer. That dress was then given to Aleera, who treasures it to this day. When her business was upgraded from a tent to a brick and mortar storefront, she was elated. Her place was wall to wall pink and it was there that Ara, Kariss’s adopted Aarakocra daughter, got a whole new wardrobe.

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Clothing doesn’t seem like much but giving Ara more clothing than she had ever had in her life really changed the girl. Gigi made sure the little girl felt like a princess trying on all the dresses she could want. It gave her confidence and made her really happy to know that someone cared enough to buy her so much. She treasured the gifts and kept them safe so that her daughter and descendants could wear them. Gigi’s work affected people far and wide. As King’s Crest grew prosperous once more, so did her business, until she was able to open another shop on the west coast in Deep Harbor. This brought a little more color to the once drab fishing town. Though the royal district was gone, many well to do families still sought out her wares to give them the best look at all the events.

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Gigi is only one of the many vibrant NPC’s we encountered in out adventures. Among all of them she is the most memorable. Sharing our expectations for the next campaign we all hoped to encounter her at some point. We will just have to see how much the city has changed in the last hundred and fifty years.

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