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Tylo Highill

Milo’s brother was a complicated fellow. A misunderstanding led to years of hatred and revenge seeking. Him and Milo were close brothers once. They explored and gathered together for their parents. During those long walks they would share their dreams and goals. Milo wanted to go on an adventure but Tylo had his eye on the prettiest girl in the village. They their world was destroyed.


Milo had gone out one morning to search for a special gift for his brother. He had wanted to be back before dawn and left while it was still dark. It was his bad luck that, while he was foraging alone, a band of slavers found him. He was quickly overwhelmed and put into shackles. A few days passed in which he was imprisoned inside a moving wagon. He was put to work by Dezu, the leader of the slavers. He used Milo to get into hard to reach places and to steal things from adversaries, even friends to get what he wanted. Milo would be punished severely if he failed a mission. This was why he had and was known as “Ninetoes”

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Tylo knew nothing of this. A few months later the slavers came back and took most of the village hostage. Him and his parents were enslaved and eventually sold off. By that time, however, his parents were dead and it was just him. His last view of Milo was seeing him run off into the night with a smile on his face. He and the others had been imprisoned in the basement of a building while awaiting the auction block. His parents had died waiting for the block. They had died worried for their sons and wishing for death. Tylo himself had been sold off as a slave but he never forgot the smile on his brother’s face as he left them behind in their horror.

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He didn’t know that Milo had no idea of the abductions of his people or his family. That smile was because he had left his own horrors behind not knowing the terrible truth. Tylo began his journey for revenge after that. He was enslaved for only a short while before he killed that master and made his way to Waterdeep. He hoped to catch wind of his brother from there and find him. He wanted to kill Milo. When he reached the city he did hear of his brother being a thief in the city but that he was gone. He began stealing to feed himself and, in so doing, was found the vigilante of the city. She saw that he was kind and had a good sense of justice so she began training him as an apprentice.

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When his master died in a conflict between two rival gangs, he stepped up and took over the watch of the city. He spent a few years in this manner. As this was happening Milo was battling in another plane against a terrifying vampire lord. When Tylo finally heard news that Milo was back and on some faraway island he dropped everything and went to find his brother. He tried and succeeded in killing Milo under the caves of Novos but he found no solace in that death. He only felt sorrow and emptiness. The death had not brought back his parents of friends. He decided to go back and take care of the city he had left behind.

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It took years and some scars to reconcile the two brothers. They were often at odds or uncomfortable working together. It was not until they save the prime material plane together that they finally laid their grievances to rest. When they retired, they made up for lost time, rebuilding the society they had been ripped away from and fulfilling Yondala’s wishes for the halflings to come back together in harmony.

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