Epilogue: Kaladrax

Even after all of the adventures that had transpired Kaladrax was a researcher and academic first. He went back to a pretty quiet life in King’s Crest. His goals were simple. He would wait for Aleera to come back for him but in the meantime he had things to accomplish. The chess boards they shared were put to use as he played the first pawn and went about his day. Every now and then a piece would move and he would answer. 

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Kaladrax became a respected professor within Whistler University, rising up the ranks of seniority within a few short decades. Eventually he took on the position of his friend and mentor, Urstil, as Dean. He also spent most of his free time with his family. He had reconciled with his father and they had discussed all the things that had transpired for both of them. The sad reality that their situation had been. After putting to rest the sins of the past they were able to work side by side to mold the agricultural district into a powerful source of food. Druids were brought in to enrich the land and increase yields for the better of the citizens. Hunger was not an issue within the city walls. 

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The city council was another of Kaladrax’s great projects. He had been a member since the first death of his father. Fafnir had never retaken the position, opting instead to retire and spend time with his family. He and Glaurunda spent many lovely years together that they would not have without the help of his son and his friends. They had made it possible for him to enjoy life again, see his wife again and apologize to his son. It was only when they finally passed away that Kaladrax began feeling truly lonely. His friends had all vanished, disappearing from his life in various ways. He had heard of Milo’s peaceful passing. 

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Hepolita had disappeared after a few years, Kariss had disappeared right away and there was a new goddess in the south that the desert and mountain villages worshiped. Aleera was off somewhere traveling. Kaladrax had been the only one to stay, to remember and put down into paper what had happened and what they had done. There were volumes upon volumes down in the libraries on the subject of The Hand of Destiny and their exploits. Various classes had been devised to discuss their tactics and other things that had been learned from them. He even had a seminar every semester to discuss their adventures. Exclusive studies of the Fey Gates had been inspired by their crossings and the loss of Regent Phillip.  

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His life had been rich and full of activity. He had made lifelong friends and was a mentor to many successful researchers and professors. When it came time for him to retire there was a procession of members of the university to see him off to his estate for his final days. Kaladrax was old and near death. His scales had once been a shiny ebony, now they were now ashen and dull with age. The chessboard had moved intermittently throughout his long life but it had become less and less frequent as time had elapsed. Now he was too old to do more than lay there. He had not given up hope but it was looking quite dim. 

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Suddenly, as he was about to breathe his last breaths, a woman walked into the room. A burst of starlight followed her every step. She came to the side of the bed and asked Kaladrax to take her hand. She told him he had done enough, now it was time for his reward. He raised a feeble hand to meet hers and when they touched he was transformed. His scales were, once again, shiny black and he felt younger than ever. Leaping out of his bed, Kaladrax quickly grabbed some books lying around and a bag of holding that held his most dear possessions. Then he turned to the love of his life and grinned. 

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Aleera laughed and it echoed across the room with a tinkling. She held out her hand once more and together they turned to the nearest wall. There appeared a shiny door that opened to a world made up entirely of plants. Holding hands, they passed through the door and disappeared from that world for a long time. Kaladrax got his reward. He could research new worlds forever with his love. Traversing the cosmos for as long as they could. 

Thus ends the tale of The Hand of Destiny.

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My husband and I run a dungeons and dragons table together and I write about our crazy adventures both in and out of the story. My husband DM's and I am the table artist. I paint minis for everyone at the table and provide crafted gifts like dice boxes, bags, and artwork.

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