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Favorite Miniatures to Paint

I have painted quite a few miniatures at this point. I have definitely had more fun painting some than other. Here are some of my favorite paint jobs. Most of these are our own, not commissions. I like the face that we still own these and I can look at them whenever I want. They range from monsters to gods.

This first one is an absolute favorite. Painting the lady Tiamat or Takhisis from Dragonlance was a great experience. That clingy dress looks absolutely gorgeous on her, I had hoped to make it as smooth as possible when painting it and am so glad it came out well. This is when I began learning that watered down paints achieve some of the best results when painting. Her dragons were fun too. I gave them their base colors but also added dry brushes that complimented their tone. That booty though…

This Fire Giant was super fun. I got to use some new metal paints and all the small gilding around the armor was great practice. The metallic silver looks really good in this once. I got the eyes right! I was so worried I’d mess them up but I’ve gotten pretty good at eyes over the years. My favorite part of this was the basing. I had just gotten into realistic terrain basing and was really proud of the way the gravelly dirt came out.

This Balor demon was a blast. I loved making the lava cracked base look realistic. It’s probably one of my favorite bases to date. I also added some fluorescent red and orange to the flaming parts of the miniature to give it some extra wow factor. The sword was also given some accents with fluorescent blue for the runes engraved on the blade. There are definitely some areas that could use improvements but that’s the fun part of looking back at past projects.

The Red Knight was the right hand man of the Queen of Ash. He was the corrupted version of Phillip, Regent of King’s Crest. He and his personal guard jumped through the Fey Gate to follow the Queen of Ash and one by one fell to her power. I loved painting the chains in the opulent, shining gold I had. The armor is meant to look like gleaming gold. I added an ashy look to the wings to deepen the connection to the Queen. His sword and eyes were also given a coat of fluorescent red to give it a bit of glow.

What better way to end the article than with another deadly lady. This Medusa looked so dynamic. I loved the build of the miniature and it perfectly exudes to spirit of a Medusa. I gave her deadly colors fitting to her status. Black and red scales and black snakes for hair with glowing red eyes. Medusa is from Greek mythology so instead of gold, I decked her out in bronze. with deeper iron tones for the details. I added some white pillars as a nod to her heritage and added a fine layer of “white dusting” over the remaining stone.

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My husband and I run a dungeons and dragons table together and I write about our crazy adventures both in and out of the story. My husband DM's and I am the table artist. I paint minis for everyone at the table and provide crafted gifts like dice boxes, bags, and artwork.

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