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Succubus with the Pink Hair

From the beginning of our adventures on the island of Novos, the pink haired Succubus was with us. We first encountered her in the Oasis when our party decided to slog through the raging storm that shielded the desert to free the Oasis from those who were keeping everyone at bay. During our fight she was one of the opponents we faced.

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Her charms got the better of Kaladrax. He fell under her spell and joined her in the fight against us. It took a hard hit from one of us to break him out of the charm and bring him back to us. He quickly joined our side once more. We did manage to kill the Succubus, but you know demons. Can’t kill them unless you go to hell with them. She popped up every now and then throughout the whole campaign. Sometimes it was just a flash of pink hair in the crowded streets, a passing woman with the same hair, or an angry face just in the corner of your eye. Whenever we tried looking at her directly nothing would be there.

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There was one other major interaction in the campaign. During our stay in Waterdeep we frequented many bars, but none were more famous than the Yawning Portal. We spent much more time there than any other until we got our own tavern. During that time, Kaladrax went to go visit with his old mentor Joldrass. He was a traveling researcher for Whistler University and was helping Kaladrax find a rare compass that they needed. They met, to discuss their findings, on the second floor of the Yawning Portal. They were so engrossed in their discussion that they never even looked at who their server was.

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Kaladrax was, by nature, oblivious to most women and this was no exception. He didn’t even notice the bright pink hair and seductive smile in the server’s eyes. Succubi are relentless once they choose their prey. They hunt them slowly like a cat playing with a mouse. She wanted to drain him slowly and watch his life drain from him willingly. He never even notice. The meeting came and went and before she could come back to catch him alone, he was gone. Out the door and back into the crowded city. Back into the arms of his friends. She kept her distance once more and bided her time.

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By the time the end of the campaign rolled around, Kaladrax was an adept wizard with access to the highest spells known in that time. After his friends all dispersed to go their own ways she thought she might have a chance. By then it was too late. His magical ability and knowledge meant he had protected himself well. Urstil had also helped set some protection spells on hims. There was at least one for specific protection against a Succubus, many to protect against all kinds of charms, and a warning spells to let him know when one might be near. While she never caught her prey during his stay on the prime material plane she still stalks him as much as she can. Chasing him from world to world hoping to get her hooks in somehow.

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She was not the strongest foe we have ever faced by a long shot but she is still the most relentless. Kaladrax should never let his guard down no matter how much magic protects him. It is super fun to know there is always someone coming after you right? It does add a healthy dose of fear and apprehension to a campaign. I do wonder if we will ever see her again.

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