Sunlight streamed through the jagged wooden pieces of Zephyr’s makeshift bedroom. It wasn’t really a room and there was no bed but it was his home. He and his friends lived in a small, dark alley off one of the main streets of Waterdeep. The only reason other urchins didn’t take this small corner of theirs was because Zephyr had fought them off. It was a day like any other in the bustling city except that it wasn’t. It was his birthday!

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A huge grin spread across his face. They would be eating well that night. He had saved for the whole last month to be able to feast on his birthday. He also wanted the little ones to get a good meal for once. Knowing the difference between being full and being satisfied to the fullest, he wanted them to know utter satisfaction for once. He began tidying up his small sleeping area which didn’t take long. There was a threadbare blanket to fold, and a wad of clothes way too old for any other use but as a pillow. Zephyr was a young half-elf man of eighteen. He had dark, jet black hair that swept backward from a handsome face and icy blue eyes. He wore clothes that belied his poor social status. His clothes were probably the only other thing of worth in this alley besides all the coins he had stashed away for this night.

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He had just finished adjusting the last broken wooden slat that served as his roof when a ruckus from the entrance of the alley drew his attention. The younger children came bounding into the alley, ducking and running through the moldy sheets hung on clothing lines along the alleyway. They served to keep curious people away and added a bit of privacy to their small alley. Maxum was the leader of the kids mostly because he was the biggest. He was human with brown hair and eyes. Opal was the youngest human, with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. She was nice and helped them get out of trouble by being small and pretending to be the sick little sister they were helping. Nimin was the brains and the best at getting into places they aren’t supposed to be. Each of them came to Zephyr with a wide smile and a present for his birthday. 

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Maxum was first, giving Zephyr a beautiful ring that had to be stolen as it was pure silver and had a special crest on it. Nimin handed over a small piece of parchment where he had drawn them all surprisingly well. Opal stepped up last and with a shy smile she pushed a glass container into Zephyr’s hands. It contained a bright yellow goldfish. He lifted it up to look at it properly and saw a fish with bulging eyes staring right back at him. It was rather ugly but it was the thought that counted and Opal was looking at him expectantly to see if he liked it or not. He shot her a grateful smile and set the goldfish down in his “bedroom”. Maxum waited until the end and also handed him a letter letting him know that someone had delivered it this morning. 


Excited about the feast they would have tonight, the four of them sat down to scarf down a small, cold breakfast of old sausage. They were planning where they would have their feast that night. There were a few places they liked but the Yawning Portal was the best for a meal and entertainment. They were in the middle of agreeing on where to go when a commotion at the front of their small alley snapped them to attention.

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