Miniature Showcase

Icewind Dale Booster Brick

One of the booster bricks we got was for our new campaign starting in Icewind Dale so of course we had to get the Rime of the Frostmaided booster brick. This gave us access to all sorts of creatures that are only available in that particular region. There were all sorts of name npc’s and specific snow animals. They have made a great addition to the table and have really enhanced our gameplay.

Each of the packs carried four miniatures of varying sizes. This first box included a named npc, Oyaminartok, from the get go. There was a Reghed Nomad with a spear, a human hunter, and a mountain goat. Sadly, the mountain goat was detached from the base when we opened the box but a quick pass with some super glue and it was like new. We actually met Oya and it was a great encounter and a great honor to be offered a post at her side, fighting for good.

This next box had some goodies too. A frost giant was the big prize for this box. We had a few encounters with frost giants already and these guys came in super handy. There was also a Duergar Mind Master, a Reghed warrior, and a cute sled dog to round them out. we had gotten so much use out of so many of these miniatures. The only ones we haven’t run into yet are the Reghedmen tribes.

This was one of my favorite boxes because, once more, it came with a big miniature. The killer whale is amazing! We might be seeing a few soon if we’re lucky. There was also an adorable baby yeti. They look so cute and first, then comes the screaming and the running. There is a small snow goblin fighter and Flind Tirapper, who we have not met in this running of the campaign.

This box was smaller. It came with a cool looking dire wolf, a gnome ceremorph, a kobold vampire spawn and a human hunter. These have all been used except for the ceremorph. There haven’t been many interactions with those creatures in our campaign but, we will be dealing with Mind Flayers so I believe we might see them again.

I loved seeing a Wooly Mammoth emerge from this box. I love having this miniature and, while we haven’t seen a live one, one was used as a half eaten corpse. It came with one more Duergar Mind Master. We fought quite a few of these guys in the last major encounter. There was also a snow themed wolf, of which we have seen many, and the cutest arctic fox. I love placing these in the background of scenery. They add such a touch of realism to the landscape.

This box doesn’t look like much but it comes with some nice goodies. We have a Chwinga which is a sort of ice spirit that helps children and lost people find their way but can also turn nasty if attacked. The gorgeous stag at the top has been used in various hunting excursions. We also got a kobold mountaineer. We also met a few of these guys when we’ve gone spelunking in the mines. As the final touch, we got the final form of the Frostmaiden so one down, two to go!

Getting a full grown yeti was so cool and with the baby yeti we got, we can make a whole family! We got another Reghed Nomad with a spear and an Orog ranger. The crowning piece of this box, besides the yeti, is Vellyne Harpell. She is a powerful mage and we just met her in our adventures. She is proving to be a most pragmatic and enthusiastic part of the team for now.

The last box was one of my favorites. It already came with the adorable arctic fox that I wish could be a real life pet. There is a Duergar stone guard, which sound menacing as all get out. Mt favorites though, are the last two miniatures. First is the amazing knucklehead trout that can only be found in that particular region. I love the look of these fish. Don’t let the cute faces fool you, these trout can really pack a punch. They can bring down boats. The crowning jewel of this box is the snowy owlbear, with the most adorable features of all!

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My husband and I run a dungeons and dragons table together and I write about our crazy adventures both in and out of the story. My husband DM's and I am the table artist. I paint minis for everyone at the table and provide crafted gifts like dice boxes, bags, and artwork.

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