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Alixan the Dragonborn

Our old party member, Mithraa the Red Dragonborn Sorcerer, had a brother. Alixan and Mithra were not the closest brothers but they cared for each other and would most certainly avenge each other’s deaths. When Alixan learned of his brother’s death he went searching for answers. It was not long before he got some.

He began to hear whispers of a group of warriors that had gone into a deep forest and came out with less members than there used to be. The red Dragonborn that had traveled with them had not come back. There were whispers of murder and evil pacts with vampires. There was also mention of some ladies that had also been harrassed by the group. Two sisters claimed to know about the crimes of the Hand of Destiny and he searched them out to learn more. He traveled to some of the most remote parts of the world until he reached a the far away island of Novos, where it was rumored a representative of the ladies resided.

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When the Queen of Ash and the Queen of Mirrors found him, they fed him lies about the Hand of Destiny having killed Mithra. They argued that the group had killed their sister Sable and that they wanted vengeance as much as he. With the offer of power and protection he agreed to join forces with them and became part of the elite team of fighters the Queens had assembled to do battle with the Hand of Destiny. They gave the best lie with a lot of truth mixed in to make it believable. When he became a fighter for the Queens, he felt an immediate rush of power. Being a Rune Knight Necromancer, his powers expanded even more.

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In preparation for the battle he readied a bag of holding with as many undead kobolds as he could. After killing an entire group of kobolds and turning them into his undead slaves he managed to fit a small army into his magical bag. During the fight with the Hand of Destiny in the fractured Feywild, he pulled small numbers of them to cover himself and caused untold damage to the flying ship the Hand of Destiny had brought. They proved to be annoying but effective tools for the Alixan until those fighting him managed to prevent him from drawing more out of the bag.

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He was one of the most intimidating and threatening villains of the campaign. It was even more sad because we didn’t know he was Mithraa’s brother and could not explain ourselves. He was convinced he knew the truth and unintentionally allied himself with the worst villain of our adventures. I wish we hadn’t had to kill him but we could not stop him otherwise and we didn’t even know who he was. He was still a formidable foe and a great addition to the forces that were pitted against us. The only thing I could ask for is to perhaps run into another incarnation of him somewhere in the multiverse.

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