Miniature Showcase

White Dragon

This miniature was pretty simple to paint but I love the Chromatic dragons and white is pretty cool. Hah, see what I did there? This is the pathfinder version of the white dragon. My husband liked it better as it was built bigger that it’s D&D miniature counterpart. I also think the poses are more dynamic and give the dragons a better look overall.

The first step was to of course paint the entire miniature in white. I just painted the whole thing in white, planning on going back to add details. You can’t just leave it white though, even creatures in the wild that are white have small variations. Polar bears have a bit of yellow sometimes, arctic foxes have bits of grey and white birds have darker feathers the deeper they go. So I added some grey as a dry brush effect over the entire top of the miniature. Anywhere there was scaling I added a bit of grey.

The grey is very slight and, unfortunately, you can barely see it in the photo. It is a bit darker and more noticeable in person. I began painting the mouth, making the inside a dark red to make it stand out against the light colors around it. Right now it doesn’t look like much because there is so much white but that will change.

This is a shot of the back of the wings. They have they grey dry brushing to deepen some of the shadows around the wings. This adds more depth to the paint job than just leaving them straight white. White dragons aren’t completely white and grey either I wanted to add a hue of something else and the natural color to chose was a cool blue for the underside of the dragon.

I very lightly dry brushed icy blue on the underbelly all the way down the tail to the tip. I wanted it to seem as if the underside of the dragons was colder since the ice breath originates in the chest/throat region. I also dry brushed icy blue over the crest of the dragon and the top of the nose. For added detail I painted the teeth and claws in a bone color that doesn’t show much difference in the photos but they are still very different. As a final touch I painted the eyes a vibrant blue with a bit of white in it to show the pupil. It was a simple paint job but I would love to encounter and fight a white dragon so painting it was a blast.

Have any questions or comments? Message below or find me on Twitter @DnDWifeStories and on Instagram @dndwife. I would love to hear from you!


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My husband and I run a dungeons and dragons table together and I write about our crazy adventures both in and out of the story. My husband DM's and I am the table artist. I paint minis for everyone at the table and provide crafted gifts like dice boxes, bags, and artwork.

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