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Saga of the Queens: Sable

Sable was the first of the sister queens that The Hand of Destiny faced. She was once a beautiful woman when she was mortal. As with many beautiful mortal women, a god fell in love with her. Lathander, the Morning Lord, fell in love with her and she with him. He went to the old gods to beseech their help.

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Since she was mortal, Sable would eventually wither and die. The old gods were the only ones that could confer immortality upon others and so Lathander asked for their interference in the natural order of things to keep his love at his side forever. But the old gods were unfeeling and cruel. They granted his wish but to Lathander’s horror he coul now never see his love again. Since he was the god of the dawn, he always exuded a bright glow of the dawn about him. Sable was given a different mantle. The old gods gave her immortality but at the cost of the sun.

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When she became immortal she took the mantle of Blood Pacts as her new godly responsibility and was also thrust into darkness. She could not stand the sun. As the progenitor of vampires, she was the first to be averse to the light. Lathander, still loving his beauty, carved a piece of land for her that was trapped in eternal darkness. The sun never rose there. Though he was forever separate from her, he went on knowing she had her own dominion and would live as long as he. When the other two queens were imprisoned in a temple within her domain, they were quick to make allies of each other and begin plotting their escape. Sable was content in her world but vowed to help the other two escape and in time she also grew bored of her domain and decided to leave when they did.

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Our party did end up killing Sable. She was the main boss at the beginning of the campaign, but this does not mean that she was an easy fight. We lost two members of the party that day. One died sacrificing himself to save us and the other burned out the rest of his life to keep fighting, eventually being ascended by his god to his side. The rest of us did not leave that place without scars. Aleera became extremely focused on questioning every one that asked for help, Karriss became even more paranoid about dying, and Milo literally lost everything on the way out of that domain.

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As the first of the evil queens we fought she was definitely a formidable opponent and we knew that if she was that difficult her sisters would be even more so. We spent most of the rest of the campaign preparing for facing the other two because the fight with Sable cost us so much. She was great villain that was also very relatable because who wouldn’t sacrifice everything to be with their love.

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