Coded Notes

For last week, I gave our very first Coded Note of the campaign for our Rogue, Mythe. The wording is strange and seems like gibberish to the average reader, but we know that there is a hidden thieve’s code in this innocuous letter. It holds important information and orders to carry out.


The Boss wants you to take your thieve’s tools and find some lost loot somewhere in the Many Cats Alley. A half elf bard has a few friends who stole a magical item from someone. I gave a silver to a corrupt official to help with finding the item by using the guards to help with the search. Magical wards with traps or illusions could be waiting in the alley. Charm or kill if you feel the need. The half elf leads to the mark.

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This letter was our Rogue’s first set of instructions to carry out in a bid to win his way into the mostly drow male crew of Jarlaxle. He was a great thief and Mythe felt a connection to the group of misfits that hid what they looked like from the outside world.

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