Zephyr Raventhorn, our bard, had some of the juiciest secrets throughout the entire campaign. These are the first two he started with. I think they show that secrets don’t always have to be life and death. They can be goofy personality traits, embarrassing stories we don’t want people to hear, or even secret crushes that we don’t want revealed.

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Drizzt Fan

I once met the famous drow ranger Drizzt Do’urden! In fact, I have a tattered piece of his famous green cloak and would never think to part with it. 


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Alagondar Scion

I’m a scion of the Alagondar Bloodline and the only known heir to the crown of Neverwinter. If Renaer Neverember, the city’s lord-regent, learns that I’m alive, he’ll send assassins to kill me.

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While the news that he was royalty came with its dangers and intrigue, the little touch of celebrity mania was a fun twist to an otherwise tense situation. He may have assassins and nations after him, but he will always have his innocent admiration of Drizzt. Having these secrets helps bring us closer to our characters and strengthens the bond we have with them.

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