For our resident Forge Cleric, Dvalin, we had a nice juicy bit of secret. His story is already fraught with peril as he was chased from his childhood home by his father’s enemies. To learn that you are an heir to something bigger is a huge development. He was always very quiet and reserved with his secrets until we all had a nice heart to heart, bearing our secrets to each other.

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Lost Noble

Your Father has told you stories of the Dwarven Clan Thornshield that once were the rightful owners of the Drakenforge mountains, but they were cast out for the sin’s of his brother and father long ago…You are the rightful heir to the mines of Drakenforge. But there are those out there that wish to see this bloodline erased.

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Being the heir to an entire land could be something to be excited about, but when the entire kingdom your father served is against you, the excitement abates. Still, his mission stands and Dvalin is hell bent on making sure his father didn’t die for nothing.

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