Coded Notes


Last week I released the second note that our rogue, Mythe, received from his hooded thief friends. I love these wacky innocuous notes that anyone can read but not everyone can understand. It seems like a great way to communicate in an age where correspondence might not be completely private. Here is the translation.

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My Fellow Thief,

The corrupt officials in our pockets told us an interesting story. That someone escaped the town of Waterdeep with something incredibly valuable. Isn’t that a neat bit of magic. How was the search for loot? Were there any important, magical items to be found? The Boss of the Zhentarim believes that the half elf Bard is the best lead to this valuable item and is more than he seems. A powerful wizard in our employ provided this information.

Sounds like you’ve found yourself a team. Our contact in Easthaven would love to hear from you. Be sure to hide your weapons and be on alert. They have orders to kill our members on sight in Easthaven.


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