Deeds and Deals

They were at a crossroads. The bear could not go inside the walls of the town and they needed to go inside for the night. Brenna made the tough decision to kill and harvest the bear for parts. They would be able to make some good trades with the materials and they would have plenty of food for the near future. Meat was soon becoming a rare commodity in these parts and they would need all the food they could get to be able to keep going. 

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Together, they decided to use one of the vials they had found. It had turned out to be a poison of some kind. The group led the bear off into a nearby copse of trees. Mythe dosed the meat of the bird that Brenna had killed on her javelin with the poison. He tossed the meat at the bear, who devoured it with quick ferocity. Afterwards, it roared for more, giving the group a plaintive look. Soon the bear was swaying where it stood until it dropped on its side. At first they thought it was dead but, upon further inspection, it seemed that the poison had acted as a sedative and paralytic. Soft snuffles of breath puffed out of its mouth while the group thought of what to do. 

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Brenna took her sword, walked up to the bear, and quickly slit its throat. It was fast and efficient. Lullaby marked the moment with a loud trill from a bone whistle she had with her. A low rumble echoed in the distance as, in the nearby mountains, the snow shifted a little. Small deposits of snow trickled down the mountain but didn’t move more. Brenna turned to Lullaby with a grimace on her face and warned her that if she did that again, Brenna would put her on a spit and eat her herself. Lullaby’s eyes went wide and she slowly nodded. She kept looking at the mountain to make sure it wasn’t falling again and back to Brenna to make sure she wasn’t coming after her. 

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Once the blood was out of the bear’s system, Brenna proceeded to skin it and then harvest the meat and some of the bones. They took as much as they could and, what they could not, they buried so it would not attract other predators to the area. Everyone was silent as they walked back to town. They were all exhausted from the journey and it took three of them to push the sled along with them as they made their way back. Once inside the gates, they all sighed with relief. Zephyr had stayed with the ore at the Blacksmith’s shop until the owner could count it and give them a receipt for the goods. They would present the receipt of delivery to the Dwarves and their quest would be complete.

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After their business was concluded, the weary group wanted to head towards the Northlook Inn for some much needed rest. They also hoped to find the group of Dwarves that had hired them so they could give them the receipt of delivery and the dead body of their friend. Brenna had retrieved the body of the other Dwarf and hoisted it over her back in the rope it was wrapped in. As they were walking back to the Blacksmith’s shop, the passerby went understandably ballistic. He gibbered, demanding to know what she had done over and over again. She explained as best she could, that they were bringing back the body for burial by their kin. The suspicious citizen gave her a wary look to gauge if she was telling the truth. 

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Eventually, he nodded and walked away from them. He only got a few feet before having to run as he retched and a wet sound came out of his lips. They left him to his business and kept going. When they arrived they walked into the boisterous sounds of the blacksmith hammering away at the forge. They waited patiently for him to finish and in a few minutes he put down the hammer and took a break. When they made their presence known he asked after his ingots and they let him know the shipment was outside. He asked if anyone would be willing to bring in the ore for six silver. No one answered, looking uncomfortably at each other. It had taken so long and been so hard to bring the ore in. None of them wanted to lift those rocks again. 

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Dvalin was the only one to come forward and volunteer to do it. Everyone was aghast. He wasn’t not getting paid anything at all and it had taken nearly an hour for all four of them to bring the ore to the yard of the store. Still he insisted. He liked the young blacksmith and wanted to help him become better. He wanted to do something nice for him. Dvalin looked to the group asking for them to help him but they were all tired and didn’t want to. So, he slowly started moving the heavy ore into the store. Zephyr started playing his music and, instead of helping, it distracted the poor man. It took even longer for them to finish and be able to head to the Inn for a long rest. 

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The retching man was still struggling with his stomach to the side of a building as they walked towards the warm, inviting inn. Brenna dragged behind the rest as the heavy corpse she was carrying had frozen on the journey back. It seemed to be an interminable distance to the comfort of the tavern. In the distance the door to the place opened and a burst of song slipped out as the enchanted fish above the entrance bid the person farewell.

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