Reaping the Rewards

Having just been woken up, everyone was bleary eyed. They ate their food with gusto. It was the best fare they had consumed in quite a few days so they were savoring every bite. The warmth of the tavern was also a velvety embrace compared to the cutting breeze outside. When they were all stuffed and satisfied, they began to discuss what had occurred after they had entered town and parted ways. 

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Mythe placed the bright red jewel they had been given as payment on the table. Zephyr quickly reacted with an eyeroll and a napkin over the jewel to cover it from view. “We can’t just show that in public!”, he hissed at them. “Don’t ever show anything of value unless we are in a private area or we will get mugged.” Brenna nodded her agreement and added, “There are some shady characters in this town that would love to take something of value for themselves without regard to your life.” Dvalin was already thinking about what he wanted to craft with it. He picked it up from the table with the napkin to hide it from plain sight. 

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As Dvalin mulled over the use of the jewel, the children ate in silence. They were paying really close attention while tucking in to any food still left on the table. Brenna looked over at them and told the others that they could not continue traveling with the children. It would not be safe for them and she could not guarantee the adults’ safety, let alone the children. She offered to take them to her mother’s, where they could stay in a hidden place that no one knew about. The others started asking questions about how far it would be and where they needed to go next. Brenna took out her map and ran them through a basic understanding of the area and showed them where they needed to go to reach her home. 

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Zephyr asked how much it would take to buy a donkey. He did not want the children to walk all the way. Brenna shook her head and replied that it would be very expensive because they didn’t just buy it, they also needed to keep it alive and fed. Zephyr argued that he only needed it for about a day to get to Brenna’s home. Again she shook her head. It would take a small fortune to buy a donkey. Even combined, they did not have close to enough money to purchase one. She even offered to drag the sled and the children if that was necessary. Zephyr didn’t want to make her drag anything but she pointed out that children weighed a lot less than iron ingots. Brenna would not have a problem getting the children to a safe place. 

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Still, Zephyr insisted on trying to find a mount of sorts. They needed to get warm clothing for the children anyway because they still only had the blankets they had when they arrived. The outfits ended up costing half of a full suit for the children, about fifteen gold. Dvalin ended up donating most of the funds at ten gold and Zephyr scrounged around for the remaining five gold. When the children were outfitted properly for the weather, they all prepared to trade what they could. Eliza, Garn’s sister and co-proprietor of the blacksmith shop asked to see what they had to trade. With a nod Brenna slammed the enormous bear pelt she had harvested on the counter. She also pulled out the claws and teeth and placed them on top of the pelt. 

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After careful examination of the items she offered Brenna five gold for the pelt. Brenna’s mouth hung open at the thought of that much money. It was a fortune for her and her mother. She tried to see if she was being swindled but it was an honest offer. She was actually being offered the going rate for the items, so Eliza was being very honest in her dealings. Brenna gladly took the deal and asked after the value of the claws and teeth she had also offered. Eliza looked at the two of each item and offered two gold for those. After another successful sale, Brenna was done with her business at the blacksmiths’. She did wish she had been able to keep the gorgeous white pelt but it seemed that the people she was helping needed gold so she tried her best to get them what she could. After all, she could keep the meat for her mother. 

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They did remember to ask after a mount of sorts, a donkey or horse. Anything that could carry the children would suffice. Eliza did not have animals for sale but directed them to Frozen Far Expeditions for a possible mount. They had horses and other assorted animals available for sale. The problem was that they were situated in Caer-Konig. Unfortunately, it was located at the farthest point from where they were. It was the last town in the ten towns before the barren wasteland of snow swallowed the land completely. It was too far in the opposite direction of where they needed to go. It was not possible to go. 

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With business taken care of, the group prepared to set off. Their wagon was tied outside the shop. Garn had made sure it was ready for the master blacksmith, Dvalin. He was so in awe of the Forge Cleric, that he wanted to make sure he always wanted to come back. Zephyr went outside before everyone and made sure there was no blood or gore from the battles they had participated in. He did find a piece of the corpse they had brought back. It had broken off and now, after being under some cover, it was defrosting. Zephyr looked at it in disgust as he used his dagger to flick it off. It sailed off only to land on the stable boy. With a piercing scream, the child tore off out of the stable. 

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That was their cue to leave. They all made sure to load the cart and loaded the children aboard. Maxim refused the initial ride, wanting to walk with the adults. Lullaby hopped on the roof to act as their lookout. Brenna and Dvalin were assigned to pull from the front white Mythe and Zephyr pushed from behind. With a collective grunt, they set out for the open road towards Brenna’s home.

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