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Quick Paint Kobolds

These kobolds were painted with my brand new Quick Paints set. I bought it recently and wanted to see if the paints could cut down my painting time considerably. So I brought out a set and tried it out to see if it was as quick as the name suggests. I have been sick with the stomach flu for the past week and wasn’t able to post the results but I finally feel better so here it is.

I began with two $5 packs of Kobold minis from Wizkids. Each pack had three kobolds to paint so I had six total to work with. They were already primed, which cut out a lot of time. I began with the skin color of course, using the Slaughter Red paint to start. I was a little skeptical of the paints at first but they really work. I applied a liberal coating of the paint, as if I was applying a wash not paint. The pigmentation pooled where it needed to be and highlighted the higher areas. It was amazing!

After finishing the skin tone, I moved on to the other parts of the miniatures. I began painting the leather armor and clothing the Kobolds had on. I used the Hardened Leather paint to achieve the look of leather armor that I was going for. It doesn’t look like much yet but the miniatures are slowly coming together. So far the paint is doing exactly as it says. The paint adds shadow and highlight to the miniature without needing multiple applications. These pictures all show the results after one pass of paint. Not having to add layers of paint to a miniature really cut down my average painting time.

Once the leather armor was complete I moved on to the weapons and other tools I used a variety of the colors to paint the weapons and the cute wings on the Kobold Mage. They even have a metallic color for the weapons. I used it as the base color and used one of my own metallic paints to add a pop of metallic detailing to the weaponry. For the wings, I used a yellow color that gave them a used, aged look and finished the stitching with a light brown. I used the Dark Wood color for the bow and the staff. For the base, I used Grim Black. I did add about two layers for the base as I wanted the ground to be as dark as possible.

For the final steps, I added small pops of color. I used a Plasmatic Bolt green for the scaled chestpiece of one of the Kobolds. I also used it for the scales shield on another Kobold. I wanted it to look as if the shield was a piece of Green Dragon that was salvaged for use. I lined it with a metallic. There is even a black scorpion that is attached to one of the staffs. For some of the protrusions on the spears and weapons I used Pallid Bone to give them a more primitive look.

It is barely noticable but there is a small skunk in a basket on the back of one of the Kobolds. I used the black paint for the base and used a bit of white for the stripe along the back. The end result was a rather cute little skunk. I also used some metallic paint to add some detailing on the miniatures before they could be considered complete. The metal color helped break up the monotony of some of the leather armor. The last thing I had to complete was the eyes and the spell effects on the mage.

Using the fluorescent paints I have, I painted the fireball effect on the mage. I also used a bit of fluorescent orange for the eyes. These paints were exactly what they advertised, a one pass stop for miniatures. For my main set pieces, I will definitely take more time and energy but for small minis and set pieces these paints really cut down time and create a really great end result.


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My husband and I run a dungeons and dragons table together and I write about our crazy adventures both in and out of the story. My husband DM's and I am the table artist. I paint minis for everyone at the table and provide crafted gifts like dice boxes, bags, and artwork.

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