The Hand of Destiny

The Adventure Begins

Miniature Showcase

A friend of ours got these for us as a gift and since we are running an ice themed module I wanted to paint them a certain way. My husband helped cut out a lot of middle ground by spray priming the set pieces while I was at work so I could paint them when I got home. He applied about three layers of white primer to fill in some of the 3D printing lines still showing.

Rushing for a Ride

Stammering out a hurried apology, Zephyr made to leave the booth and get out, but he saw one of the people dressed in black. He was pretty sure they were thieves or, at the very least, criminals. They were going around checking the booths for someone. Zephyr turned to the two strangers and pleaded with them to not say anything. Thankfully, Waternavians weren’t talkative. They kept to themselves for the most part. He shoved the children under the table and tried to hide them in the shadows underneath. 

Miniature Showcase

This was the next step after the Macabre base of last week. The legs are half of the enormous monster that sits on that base. I wanted to give it the feeling of a certain bug filled demon from a certain Christmas/Halloween movie I cannot name. I began with a simple base coat for the skin and worked from there.

Gralmor’s Journal

Dvalin’s father, Gralmor, left him a pack full of items. Among them was a note and a journal. The note explained that there was something coming and the world would need the power of the gods to protect it. That was why his mother had left. The thought of the gods being dealt with again was too much for her. She went to find another solution. It was now up to Dvalin to bring back the family honor. He was a Sonnlinor like his father. After reading the note, he turned to the journal and began to read.

A Chance Encounter

A small boy that Zephyr knew from the streets pushed aside the final dingy blanket and stepped forward. He didn’t shuffled towards Zephyr and raised a frail hand in greeting. Zephyr nodded at him and asked if he had had anything to eat yet. Not wanting to be encumbered, Mythe responded in the little orphan boy’s voice that he had already eaten some bread. Zephyr tossed him a peach that was just about to go bad. He had been saving it for a snack but the kid looked like he needed it more. He would have more than enough to eat later. 

Miniature Showcase

This base is part of a larger work in progress I have been working on. It was a very detailed base all on its own so I thought it merited its own article. I started off by priming the entire base in a white primer. It took about three coatings of the primer to make it as opaque as I wanted.

Zephyr’s Letter

My Dearest Zephyr, 

My health fails me and I dread that I might not see you again before I am gone. There is so much to tell you. You know me as your mother, the seamstress. You don’t know who I was before. It is important that you read this as soon as you reach your twentieth year…

Becoming of Age

Mythe moved through the crowd like liquid. His form changed as he wove his way through the throng of people in the market square that morning. He loved being able to change into whoever he wanted. All his life he had been able to become others. When he was older his father had explained why they needed to be in human looking disguises to blend in. Their own visages were often terrifying to others and it was safer to hide than confront the mistreatment.

Miniature Showcase

This was one of my very first miniatures. I love the Beholder. The creature is so cool and deadly to players. This was a D&D miniature, which comes pre-primed and ready to paint. It was nice starting out with miniatures that didn’t require primer. One less thing to worry about when you are just beginning to learn.


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