5 Tips for Unique Character Creation

Characters can start to lose their unique shine, especially after playing for years over the course of many campaigns. I have come up with a way to create more nuanced, unique characters so that they don’t all start blurring together. The way that I used to create characters was to choose the race and go from there. With ever passing game it seems harder and harder to chose solely based on race.

Masked Danger

The Hand of Destiny split up to go to their respective meetings. Kaladrax and Aleera went to the Yawning Portal to meet up with Joldrass and see if he had any new information on the compass they were looking for. Kariss, meanwhile, took Milo and Hepolita with her to attend the government meeting among the Masked Lords and the Open Lord. Both groups were looking to find answers and they were going to get them tonight. 

Among the Dead

The journey back was not as easy as the journey to the hidden vault. Milo was being belligerent again and refused to leave. Aleera ended up using Calm Emotions again but it took them longer to get back since Aqua didn’t part the waters that time. They were submerged for a while, and although they had water breathing potions or abilities, Milo freaked out when the spell ran out while they were still under the sea. 

First Time Playing Couple

Last weekend, for the first time since we started playing Dungeons and Dragons, my husband and I were able to play as a couple. My husband is a forever DM. He picked up the started pack and never looked back. Only recently has he had the chance to play in one shots our table has when not all members can show up. Last time, I was the one running the one-shot so I wasn’t able to play with him. That all changed.

Where Lightning Meets the Sea

The next morning was somber as the party awoke to the sight of an even worse looking Zenriel. She had gotten a full night’s sleep but was still feeling sick. It seemed the Dragon Ward was still doing its job and trying to make Zen leave. She felt nauseous and could barely lift her arms. Since Magnificent Mansion lasted for eight hours, Kaladrax brought it into existence and insisted that Zenriel stay within the confines to rest and hopefully get better away from the plane that held the Ward. 

A Deal Gone Wrong

The Hand of Destiny followed Mirt around the city as he walked in a roundabout way. Often, he would double back to lose a potential tail but with Milo’s raven the party was able to keep up. There was a moment when even the raven lost track of Mirt in a large crowd, this left the bird to wander trying to find its quarry again while the party teleported back to the bar hoping to spot Mirt themselves as it was close to where he had disappeared. They had arrived and managed to eat something before the raven let them know that it had picked up Mirt’s trail once more. 

D&D Slumps

There are a few types of slumps you can go through in playing Dungeons and Dragons or other ttrpg platforms for an extended period of time. My husband and I have hosted a steady table for three years now and after a huge 1-20 level campaign we were all feeling the slumps. It doesn’t mean you are losing love for the game or don’t want to play anymore but like any other game, sometimes you want to try out different things.

Mystery Afoot

While the Hand of Destiny waited for news of Mirt’s movements from Milo’s raven familiar, they walked towards the Blackstaff Tower to see if they needed anything. When they arrived, a diminutive older gnome showed them to the Blackstaff’s office and asked them to wait. They didn’t wait for long as Vajra came walking through the doors within minutes to give them their next assignment. 

Meeting Mirt the Money Lender

Kaladrax woke up with a big grin after spending the night with Aleera but that joy soon faded when they left the safety of the magical mansion. Exiting through the hidden door in one of the closets, they came out to greet the day. It wasn’t until a short cry of anguish rang out that they ran into Kariss’s room and found her, frantic. She was lying in the white sheets of her bed, only now, they were tainted with bright splashes of blood. She flew out of the bed and cleaned herself up.

Follies of Flight

I’ve seen a few posts about why flight is such a contentious point between DM’s and Players. There are a few reasons ranging from visual spatial representation to game mechanics of flight. Some DM’s or GM’s will avoid flight all together as a means to make the game easier on everyone. Let’s face it, flight adds a third dimension to all aspects of the game. That would be more work added to the already full workload the DM takes on.