Epilogue: Kariss

After the events that had transpired with the Queen of Ash, Kariss worked with the Yuan-ti. She helped them establish a small village in the southern forests of Novos. Her and Gralmor spent years among the new Yuan-ti settlers and helped them build a stable society free from the strictures of their past. They no longer sacrificed to Sssseth or any other god. Many of the actually began to worship Kariss as their savior from the usurper god. 

NPC Spotlight

Urstil’s story is a long one full of tragedy and loss. It began when she was born. Not many in King’s Crest knew this but Urstil was actually a high elf, specifically one born from the Dusk Isles. The main island was her home where all the elves took their young to undergo transformation within the large sunflower that bloomed there. Novos was a hub of magical activity from they Feywild. Elves went to the center focus on that island to transform into Eladrin.

Miniature Showcase

Sometimes a miniature you get just doesn’t evoke the theme you want to portray in a campaign. This is when I usually repaint some or all of the miniature to change how they look. The differences don’t seem very different at first but they can change a lot in the scenery you present players.

Epilogue: Hepolita

Hepolita would be alive long after most of the mortals among them would live. She had a long time to think about what to do with her long life. At first she had just wanted to brawl and get drunk but now she craved the adventure that she had had with the party. She wanted to recapture that wonderful feeling of defeating a terrible monster and getting rewarded for it. After Aleera stepped down from guild leader, she took over the hall and the adjacent tavern. It was the marriage of her two loves, fighting and drinking.

NPC Spotlight

Some of the coolest people in our campaigns are the vendors we run into. We had quite a few but some of them were much more memorable. Asterisk was a vendor of magical items in the city of King’s Crest on the island of Novos. He was also a famous enchanter. His specialty was smashing enchantments together to form new, unusual enchantments. He was a controversial topic across the city and the island.

Miniature Showcase

Gjallarhorn is my Watcher Paladin, Brenna Wolheart’s, steed in our current campaign. M y husband bought him for me on Etsy. Since it is a celestial spirit, I wanted the ram shape that it took to reflect that. I used a new white primer on the miniature to start.

Epilogue: The Hand of Destiny

As The Hand of Destiny arrived on the prime material plane through the Fey Gate, cheering began. It rose until nothing could be heard over it. The citizens of King’s Crest had gathered at the gate to see if a winner would emerge. A contingent of soldiers surrounded the gate with citizens behind them. The ship lurched and tipped as the damage from the fight became visible past the gate. 

NPC Spotlight

Now that the story of BaRuhk and Sukra is over I wanted to showcase some of my favorite NPC’s from the first campaign. We had a lot of cool people meet us throughout the course of our adventures but some just stood out from the rest. These people were all creations of my husband and DM. For this spotlight we will be focusing on Sheila Coppertree.

Miniature Showcase

This miniature was part of a two piece commission. The client was very specific with the look he wanted and I painted it as close as possible to the original reference. These are shots of the miniature before and after priming. I had to do multiple passes with the new white primer I got to reach some of the harder to reach areas. I do plan on adding some black to the primer at some point to make it more gray and opaque for application.

Dust to Dust

The Hand of Destiny was embroiled in a long battle among the wreckage of the Feywild. Pieces of land floated in a red void. At the center, a large, burnt black volcano spewed red lava in every direction. Pieces that were hit with the lava were instantly burnt away to ashes. Their large airship was maneuvering between a cluster of floating lands attacking targets on the grounds below. Several battalions fought on the different floating pieces. There were enemies everywhere.