I will not be posting a story post this Friday. I just started a new job and this is my first week. I just need a few days to acclimate and I will be right back on it. I am also taking time to compile the notes for the next campaign.

NPC Spotlight

Drip Drop was one of the most lovable people. He was my husband’s character in the oneshot at the Fey Faire that I ran. He was alchemist gnome with a penchant for experimenting on himself. He loved trying out new potions to see what new effects he could manage.

Miniature Showcase

This Knight belonged to the Queen of Mirrors. She was a vain woman with a need to be loved by everyone. Her downfall was that she never showed her true self, always hid behind illusions. Her Knight was corrupted as was the Knight of Ash. He was her first guard and companion.

End of Campaign

The last two years of story posts have encompassed what took three years of our lives to complete. This was a full level one through twenty campaign. I’ve heard that not many reach that goal but we managed it and it was such a great ride. The story we managed to weave together at our kitchen table was one of the most compelling I have ever experienced.

NPC Spotlight

When Malachi left the party it was a tragic but necessary action. He needed to bring his tribe back together and find a home for them. For a long time he had thought that his entire tribe had been wiped out. As it turned out, on this remote island far into the ocean, there were surviving refugees. The chieftain blood in his veins called for him to bring them back together into a unified tribe.

Miniature Showcase

I have painted quite a few miniatures at this point. I have definitely had more fun painting some than other. Here are some of my favorite paint jobs. Most of these are our own, not commissions. I like the face that we still own these and I can look at them whenever I want. They range from monsters to gods.

Epilogue: Kaladrax

Even after all of the adventures that had transpired Kaladrax was a researcher and academic first. He went back to a pretty quiet life in King’s Crest. His goals were simple. He would wait for Aleera to come back for him but in the meantime he had things to accomplish. The chess boards they shared were put to use as he played the first pawn and went about his day. Every now and then a piece would move and he would answer. 

NPC Spotlight

Milo’s brother was a complicated fellow. A misunderstanding led to years of hatred and revenge seeking. Him and Milo were close brothers once. They explored and gathered together for their parents. During those long walks they would share their dreams and goals. Milo wanted to go on an adventure but Tylo had his eye on the prettiest girl in the village. They their world was destroyed.

Miniature Showcase

This miniature was for a two miniature commission. It has probably been the most intimidating commission to date. There are so many small details and delicate parts I was afraid of breaking some of them off. Another challenge was the space between the gun and the orc’s body. It was going to be tough to paint.

Epilogue: Aleera

Aleera was aimless after the battle with the Queen of Ash. She helped with any restoration needed for the city and then slowly began cutting the ties she had built. The time of her promise had come. She would be able to travel with her god forever. That had been her wish and it would be realized as soon as she settled her affairs upon her home plane. She would not be back for a while and needed to let the world go on without her.