Dice Etiquette: Is it Okay to Touch Other People’s Dice?

We have a new player at our table who hasn’t quite gotten all the rules down. In our last session he was rolling for a check and for some reason, despite having his own dice, grabbed one of mine. I know some people probably wouldn’t care but for me dice are personal and sacred. ItContinue reading “Dice Etiquette: Is it Okay to Touch Other People’s Dice?”

Friends and Foes

When we finally got a second table going, it consisted of my husband (DM), his friend (Milo a Halfling Rogue), one co-worker (Malachi, a Half-Orc Barbarian), and myself (Aleera a Half-Elf Bard). We restarted “Mines of Phandelver” and had to immediately restart again because our rogue died in the very first encounter when a creatureContinue reading “Friends and Foes”