Shopping Adventures with Gigi

While in the Merchant District the group found the offices of Clayville Shipping. This was the company that they needed to speak to to broker an initial peace deal with the eel folk. They entered to find a bustling operation. People were moving everywhere. Some were hauling goods while others tended to paperwork and clients. They moved through the crowded workplace inquiring about Feng Clayville. Finally, one of the employees directed them to an office overlooking the work space. The party moved up the wooden stairs on the left side of the building and entered the open office.

Family Reunions

The white dragonborn lady was Kaladrax’s mother. She awaited him with wide open arms and a beaming smile on her face. The party was introduced to Glaurunda after they had finished hugging. She was regal but had a gentle way about her. She spoke to the servants with respect and they noticed as they walked into the dining hall that many were seated at the long, sturdy table in the center.

Arrival at the City of King’s Crest

After a comfortable night spent in the company of Vistani brethren, the party woke to the sad news of Esmeralda’s passing. She had simply drifted off sometime in the night. She had died with a smile on her face. Her old vow had been fulfilled and she had been ready to go. The party left the Vistani to begin their burial rituals for their leader and made their way to the walls of the city.

Tithes and Gifts

After dropping the elves off in Deep Harbor and turning in their quests, the party set sail for the largest city in Novos. The city of King’s Crest was Kaladrax’s hometown and he was excited to be heading back to visit his family. They set sail aboard the Anabelle Lee Mark 2 and estimated a week’s travel, which was about 10 days.

Poison and Pain

With pockets full of gold, the party set off to find a tavern and rent rooms for the night. They all had a lavish meal and many drinks. Aleera took the opportunity to sing, for some quick money, about the victory of Bigs and Smalls in the arena. After a night of fun and laughter, the party set off for the boat only to find a pleasant surprise. Captain Sheila Coppertree had won a game with another captain and had won a bigger ship in the exchange. The new vessel was the Annabelle Lee Mark 2.

The Rise of Bigs and Smalls

The party set sail for Vendleheim. It was a quick and uneventful trip. The arrival to the “city” of Vendleheim was anything but. They could hear the shouts of the audience in the arena from the docks and they only got louder as they came closer to the bright town. They had a small job to complete before having fun in the fighting pits.

A Tricky Encounter

The party made their way back to the Haven’s Cross Guild Hall, On the way there Aleera took a detour to Deep Harbor to acquire the seal of completion for the quest at the Gunduk Brewery. She joined the party a few miles outside of Haven’s Cross and they entered together.

Time Waits for No Party

The next day was bright and cheerful. The party woke up feeling well rested. They were ready for anything. The party headed to Asterisk’s together to get a better idea of what happened in Barovia after they were whisked away. Sylvia, Asterisk’s trusty Manager, explained how the old gods had arrived after the group had been whisked away by Aeon.

The Bonds of Desperation

Leaving the ship and daylight far behind, the party continued further into the darkness of the ocean cavern. The party swam away from the ship with Aleera leading the way. As they swam further ahead they came to a low lit area. There were rickety floating rafts that allowed standing out of the water. The group spotted figures moving on those rafts in the distance and stopped to formulate a plan.