A Touch of Music and a Job Well Done

After getting our delivery, the party set off for the guild hall and came across a clearing. In the center was a satyr. He was playing a beautiful melody with a gorgeous silver flute. Milo started to go into the clearing and after a few steps began to join in with the music. Aleera, seeing that her party was close to being trapped by few magic, began to sing a countercharm.

D&D Cooking Adventures

So we just got the new Hero’s Feast official Dungeons and Dragons cookbook and it DELIVERED! So far I’ve tried 2 of the listed recipes. They are things we know well like hot chocolate or meatballs but they have such a wonderful twist of spices and techniques. This makes the recipes more fresh and interestingContinue reading “D&D Cooking Adventures”

Did You Think It Would Be That Easy?

The party woke up on Day 2 of the month of Hammer in the year of the Warrior Princess, yup we have a calendar. Each week is 10 days long and each month is 30 days. There are still 12 months in the year though. It was around mid-winter according to the time but this area was sunny and warm like summer.

How I Customize Miniatures

There is something to be said for unique characters. If you have a few veterans at your table, a new monster with a unique stat block can really shake things up. I’m going to go over a few ways that I’ve managed to change the miniatures I buy and turn them into fun, new encounters for my husband (our DM) to run.

The Haven’s Cross Guild Entrance Exam

Our party woke up the next day and convened at the entrance of the guild. Milo came up fully clothed and geared out. Malachi came in from the forest outside the guild grounds and left a white wolf, his new companion, at the entrance. We noticed that we all had new weapons on us.

Heroes of Fate: The Island of Novos

Our heroes woke up in a bright white tent. They were spread out on cots. Aleera got up first. Her gaze swept over their surroundings. A flash of something caught her eyes and her head whipped towards that direction. It was the sunlight streaming through the flap in the tent. Her eyes filled with tears of hope and disbelief. Kariss reacted to the sight as well when she sat up from her cot.

Running a Table: Expectation vs. Reality

Just like a table can be amazing it can also have its issues. We had a great table break up because we lost a player when his mother died. He moved away and we had to stop for a bit to look for more members before continuing. We also had some problem players that made it super uncomfortable and harder than it had to be to have sessions.

The End

Disclaimer: This includes spoilers for Curse of Strahd so don’t read if you don’t want to know. The group stood frozen after hearing the booming voice of the Abbot. We didn’t know what to do and headed outside to see what our options were. Before we could make it outside, we were whisked away. ItContinue reading “The End”

Blood Pacts and Secret Promises

Disclaimer: This includes spoilers for Curse of Strahd so don’t read if you don’t want to know. After being able to sleep for a bit inside Asterisck’s store, we made our way out into the bowels of Castle Ravenloft. As our party entered a large crypt we came across an opulent coffer. We believed itContinue reading “Blood Pacts and Secret Promises”